I Could Have Danced All Night ! / The Perfect Skirt !

I really didn't wear this today, but on Weds. evening. However, it may be the world's best skirt ever! At least for now ;) I thrifted it a while back and didn't realize how full it was til I put it on and WOW! I could have twirled around all night long! As you will see . It's cotton, lightweight and a perfect summer weight and color. I'm so excited. I see gladiators, beads, tanks and all kinds of possibilities. I paired it with a floral shirt and instead of glads, I had to wear my red flats for dancing and twirling. Plus my one dollar leather belt I am enamoured with. All I need now is the perfect summer top and I will be done! ( yeah, right! ) The twirling photos were challenging and I may need a new battery now, but it was worth it. So sit back and enjoy the Summer Tri-pod yard jig !

Also, WW #40, ( Weardrobe War Forty ) - I need a better tag, like WW3, so help me out with suggestions ;) - is on full force! I have sent in several photos today, an e-mail with 10 shots attached an a summary of  why I should be featured. I searched for my fellow warriors, but with no luck. This is one of the layout problems I see with their "new and improved" format. Ya can't find anyone easily now and my computer goes into a wierd loud hum trying to view the grid. Grrr......... and then locks up. So here's my "Make Me a Featured Blogger, End The War" dance !!! ( I will be way-laying the site all weekend! )

Ta, Da ! The End.
And Chiggers.

The Deets:
A Geode slice I got at the Spring Fling.
Leather red Mary Jane flats from JCPenny's. Perfect for a jig.

Have a dance-filled weekend !!!

Here are a few shots for Vix, or anyone who likes to see where other people live!
Cincinnati's great Music Hall. I love to see ballet here and The Nutcracker is a time-honored tradition for the people of Cincinnati. The Royal Russian Ballet Co. did it a few years back. It was amazing!
the lobby and stage ceiling.
Neil Young in 1972 at Music hall.

The lobby ceiling.
A subway was started in 1925, but was abandoned due to funding. They give tours occassionally. Creepy!
( A night shot of music hall. I really like this place! )
the Basilica Cathedral.
Union Terminal in the 30's.
and now.
Fountain Square, the heart of downtown.
The night skyline:
There is one of the largest fireworks displays in the country on Labor Day, September. It's huge, but so are the crowds and we usually watch it from the comfort of our sofa on T.V.!
The hall of Mirrors at the Omni Netherland Hotel, Downtown. A popular high-brow wedding spot.
One of my favorite spots, Spring Grove Cemetery. This is an old Gothic tomb near the duck pond. I have tons of photos of this place. It is beautiful.
I honestly like the old neighborhoods with character and delapitating buildings. You have given me a new-found mission to shoot the real character of the hoods that are being left to die out. I hardly go downtown anymore! The architecture is nice, but the treasures are off the beaten path!
Again, Happy Weekend All !!!
* Reva *


CalamityJem said...

Dear Reva,
Such joyful & vivacious pics!
I love this outfit, there’s nothing like a full skirt to make a woman want to twirl the night away.
The necklace is gorgeous; I’m captivated by the colour.
Have a lovely weekend!

HoneyBunny said...

Hi, you've asked about my cat dress on weardrobe. So I've bought it in Zara and sure you can post that photo on your blog as long as you link it to my blog;)

Gorgeous necklace!


Dancing Queen, you!

Beautiful as always!

gina said...

Fun skirt!! Love the print on the top, the necklace and those great red shoes.

Such lovely photos of your city.

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh Dear Reva, what a beautiful skirt and thanks for those shots of home.
The Music Hall and Union Terminal are just perfect especially. You're so lucky to have such fantastic architecture on your doorstep.
I've joined up to WW#40 but sadly, like my wardrobe, my camera is just too vintage for their exacting standards.
I know we'd be friends when we ever get to meet, but I feel we are already without the formal introduction.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Amazing photos Reva!! good job!


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