Lookbook # 1 : The LBD ( a new venture )

I have always liked the pages of In Style Magazine which lay out different pieces to choose from. With all the rain we are having, I decided to try it myself. Also, I found a blogger who does this beautifully, Daisy Duke! Her blog is titled Outfits Anonymous and has a look book full of great outfit ideas! So today, during a down pour, I got out something we all have, the LBD ! In one form or another, we all own a go-to little black dress. This one is cotton / spandex blend from Old Navy- perfect for casual wear and a great staple to your suitcase during vacation! It can be dressed up and down, tied in a knot, and worn all week long!!! The neckline is shorter in the back and can be worn backwards for layering tanks. Here are some ideas for dressing this staple in a variety of styles. This is an entirely new format for me, so here goes! Look book # 1. The LBD !

The beginning: The dress and the staples:

For shlepping around the shops: 1.

A little Boho: 4.

For a cool day or evening: cardi's! 6.

Just for fun! : 9.

A bit Sporty: 14.

Don't forget the leggings! 18.

Kinda dressy: 21.

Let the tights do the talking! 22.

And don't forget the rain: 23.

 And a little Animal Print! 24.

A tan shirt dress as a light coat: 25.

I could have gone on forever! These accessories can be mixed and matched and you may never need to check luggage again ( if you layer them on ;). This was a lot of fun. Which outfit do you like best?
1,9,11 & 18 are my favorites, I suppose. How would you accessorize your LBD ?


CalamityJem said...

Cool concept, must have taken you ages to style all 25 outfits so impeccably well. I really like 9, 18 & 23 :)

Maria said...

my favorites are 6 and 9. I love all the pink accents in #6 and I love the florals in 9.


My faves are 11 and 15... You have the patience of a saint!

Lesa said...

WOW did you do good! I have a LBD from Old Navy and a Little Brown one, might just steal your ideas and I'll be set for the whole summer, I love them all...seriously

Sarah said...

I love, love love this idea. It is seriously great! This is great inspiration for a LBD. Perfect for summer!


The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

Hey hun, left some info on my blog about the list forum, but figured I'd leave it here too incase you don't check. The forum is through the I Love Fatshion Network. I don't run it or anything, I just submitted my post. The info should be here:
Great post by the way, so cool to see the dress mixed up so many ways.

Daisy Dukes said...

Thanks for the blurb :) Hey, we love Lucinda Williams over at Outfits Anonymous, too.

Ultrapinque said...

what a super idea... I'm going to try it myself, except w/ a LWD (i don't have a LBD!) love all your fun ideas, esp. 6, 10 & 23: love all the pink^^

Vintage Vixen said...

What a fabulous post! You must have had so much fun with this. I'm in lust with that peacock feather pendant, ALL your shoes, the psychedelic hat...all of it!
Thanks for your support and kind words, Reva.

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