Gray Streets and Accessories

What do ya do with neutrals ? Accessorize !!!
I spent the afternoon in my old neighborhood, University Heights today and wearing neutral gray with brown accessories. I walked down memory lane, spoke to a former co-worker and got hit on by a very drunk young man whose come on line was, " I don't mind hooking up with an older chick." I laughed and told him that was not the way to get a date !!! My doctor's visit was a fiasco, which I will tell you about later, as my head is laying on the keyboard as I type. Sleepy............... The moral of the story today was, if someone doesn't call your name within 30 minutes at the doctor, go to the receptionist and make sure she didn't leave !!! Grr...

So I hit the park afterwards as well !
Notice I'm standing in the street ;)

A few shots of where I used to work a long time ago and some street shots.
My WW #40 is still on, too! ( I have to come up with a better name .)
Thanks to all the supporters of "the mission"!

The deets:

This used to be the hottest venue for new alternative bands:

See Ya Soon !


Ultrapinque said...

such a cute story! GO Cougars, hahaha!!! Love your outfits & your pics-- so much personality shines through^^

Rhianna said...

Love this outfit! It's my favorite that I have seen on your blog so far.

Vintage Vixen said...

Don't cha love being hit on by blokes young enough to have given birth to? Tactless but very sweet, you must admit.
Mind you, I don't blame the bot, you look totally fabulous as ever, love those street shots.
I've only been to the States once (a long weekend in Boston about 10 years ago) and am woefully lacking in knowledge about your country. Loving the crumbling architecture and those shops look amazing.


Love this music, goes so well with the city sights... not to mention your casual yet sassy outfit. I love short skirts!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Uuuuh I LOVE those bejeweled shoes!! I want a pair just like them! so cute!

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