This week it seems to have turned into a shoe week! These are the ones I traded my End-all, Be-all shoes for at F21. I like them, though they aren't as "practical" as the others, but I can walk in them. I have been having Blogger issues and my posts haven't been loading correctly. I hope it's a bug. Anyone else having them?  Back to the outfit. This shirt is a vintage 60's Saks Fifth Avenue and a copy was worn by "jackie" on the Seventies Show. I tried to find more info on it, but have no clues other than the label was from the 60's.

And it was hand embroidered by SIR JAMES. Any clues ?

I also found out that I have a pretty cool editing tool that came with my camera. Duh!!!
I had tons of fun with it last night!

My hair was wet in these shots, but a hat can hide alot !
Now, for a photo overload !!!

Jeans: My Hubs vintage 505's.
They're just about finished. I keep gently stitching the butt as to keep my buns in! I usually wear a dress over them or a tunic.

Earrings: Forever 21

Until Blogger fixes the problem with my blog loading, I am still posting daily :)
So please click on my URL to see what I'm up to! Thanks !
I really miss everyone :)

 Have a Great Weekend !!!
* Reva *



Hi Doll,
You rebel you!
I'm loving the REd... with the shirt and jeans.. I like the photo overload. Found you by clicking your header..


Yes, the give away is the last post that shows up. BTW, I tried to go on your profile and click web page not found.. Geez I'm the friggin' bearer of bad news today. Blah..
Have a better Saturday, I'm gonna try! :D

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

Love the shirt & the shoes!

Lady Cardigan said...

You have the coolest wardrobe. Whoever Sir James is, he did a nice job with that shirt!

I'm not having any problems with Blogger today, or any problems loading your blog, but your post don't seem to be showing up in my Blogger reader list. You could try reporting it on Blogger's help board - when I did that for another problem, they fixed it quickly.

Vintage Vixen said...

Yee ha! You look so cool in that little Western number.
Great job on the jeans, fab hat, gorgeous blouse and fabulous shoes.
Nice work, Sir James!


I see your back up and running... Whew! A beautiful casual put together look... Loving it.

Andie said...

I abso-freaking-lutely love that shirt! how awesome!!

must go vintage shopping soon!

Lesa said...

Yee Haw, Love that combo--cowgirl, flowers and sexy red shoes. rock it!

Corie said...

Those shoes totally rock! Love 'em!

Beth said...

This shirt is so cool. It is a little bit country...and yes a little bit rick and roll.

gina said...

Great look on you! Love the shoes and top.

cheeky curves said...

You rocking that outfit, love the wedges

Kel Ward Photography said...

I love these espadrilles and the shirt is awesome! I think your photos look pretty good, so I'm not sure what you are talking about with overexposure! If you want a good site, though, for improving photography skills, I recommend It's for child and family photography, but it's a wealth of information over there!

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