May Showers , May Flowers !

May showers kept me huddled inside most of the week, with not a lot of outfits to share, but today, in between the thunderstorms, I got a chance to get some lovely shots of my flowers. My outfit is simply a linen skirt , thrifted originally from Liz Claiborne, and a linen tunic from TJ Maxx. I decided to pair a floral with a tribal pattern for change. My shoes are Born clogs, and the rain hat is an oldie from Totes. When it rains, I tend to dig out old movies and get cozy, but this week I just got plain old lazy. I didn't like it. I am not a big self-motivator. I have been practicing my meditation and my vow is to avoid T.V. for a week. The sun is back in the forecast and I will really be glad to see it !!! I re-applied for another position at the Library, as the other job was filled :( - Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. Here are some more outfit shots and some of the photos I took of my peonies, roses and another carpet-like flower. Enjoy and have a great weekend !!!

Bitty-Bitty had grumpy face !

Peony Pistils up close. The petals were like satin! I brought in a huge bouquet and the aroma filled the entire house !!!

The water hung onto the rose petals like ice.

A Peony bud.

My favorite locket by @bstract for Target.

This little ant was trying to sneak up on this mite, but the mite hid, and the ant went away !

See him hiding ! Sneaky !!!

Here's to a great big sun bouquet filled weekend !!!
* Reva *


Lady Cardigan said...

Love your locket! And I'm impressed with your flower close-ups. For a while I was obsessed with taking those, and it is not easy to get them into focus.

I hope you get that library job. Good luck.

gina said...

Cute kitty! I'm a total sucker for photos with cats and dogs.

Fun top! I love your locket.

Beth said...

I love all the flowers- what a great post. I think I can actually smell it. Skirt looks so adorable

Lesa said...

Flowers are gorgeous and you are so cool.

CalamityJem said...

Hi Reva,
I love this gorgeous outfit & all the wonderful flower photos.
I wish I had a cat too but we're not allowed to keep pets, it sucks :(
Your cat is gorgeous!

Ultrapinque said...

flowers are lovely & your outfits not bad either^^ you are so creative w/ how you put things together (cute kitty too!)

Vintage Vixen said...

There's nothing in your lovely post that doesn't make me's all so pretty.
I love Bitty-Bitty!

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