Thanks, Gina !!! These beauties arrived on my door step this week. They were from Gina, of Clothes, inter alia., who didn't wear them. What a sweet, terrific thing to do! She rocks!!! I threw them on immediately and wore them . Twice ! They are super comfy and I didn't wobble a bit! However, the outfit photos I took in them were pretty bad. I am having blow-out issues. I've read the manual over again, which I missed the part about NOT pointing it toward the sun, which I don't remember doing, Hmmm....... So, I re-set all my personal settings last night. Here's hoping! So imagine lovely shots...............................

I grabbed this skirt after I got the shoes, but still had on a gray T, so imagine a light blue denim jacket or T.

The next outfit was a cotton Maxi dress from Targei' and a denim jacket. Blow-out,  Again !!!
ANTM was coming on, so I had to dash! After mucho editing , here's the best I could do!

The shoes came out perfectly !

I tried to get artsy to show that the dress is actually plaid.

Ooops! No shoes!

Mama told me there'd be days like these !

P.S. I desperately need to up-date my blog roll ! It will happen soon :)


Maria said...

Those clogs are really cute, and that was really nice of Gina to just give them to you.

Also, I didn't get a chance to check my blog until now and everything's acting ok, so I'm not sure if it was acting up earlier. I do sometimes get error messages though. And sometimes my pictures don't load. blogspot is kind of weird sometimes. Hope it's all resolved now.

gina said...

Those clogs are great on you! I'm so glad you like them!

Love the long plaid dress with the jacket and hat. So relaxed and summery!

I'm not having any trouble accessing your page this morning.

My nail polish is actually self mixed. I poured a bit of dark green into a bottle of white, so I now have a bottle of seafoam green. I was inspired by Chanel's Jade, all the knockoff shades of the Chanel polish that are popping up, and the experiment of a German blogger (I can't remember who) who attempted to create her own mix b/c she didn't want to pay for Chanel but the knockoff shades weren't easy to find in Germany.

Vintage Vixen said...

I think I may fly over to the States and fight you for those fabulous clogs..they are just what my wardrobe needs. How utterly fabulous you look in thet maxi!

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