I'm Addicted !!!

My name is Reva, and I'm an addict. I'm addicted to these "playsuit" jumpers. I'm addicted to photos, and I'm addicted to clothing, period. And, I'm addicted to the word Free. But, I'll discuss that later! Today was a typical Cincinnati weather pattern, which consists of 1. Freezing cold. 2. Rainy cool. 3. Scorching hot and humid! Today was the latter. This Romper also came from the W place, and instead of getting one really cheap, I got 3 and still saved a dollar, so in my mind, I'm still ahead. And the neighbor's are seeing a much better dressed old lady poking around her flowers today. The floppy white hat is a Gap, the sandals are Old Navy. As I sit and type this, my arms and legs are feeling the burn of the heat and sun, and my veggie pizza isn't sitting well. Is there really a thing called sun poisoning ? I think I have it. Anyhoo, loving the rompers and still feeling like a grown-up ! Oh yeah, the belt, Kohl's, the sunnies, Dollar General Store, Earrings, Claire's.

The deets:

Now, about the word free. I got a Free subscription for Women's Health Magazine when I got Free shipping back during the end-all, be-all shoe fiasco.( Which ended up costing me A LOT.) I have ended all my magazine subscriptions and get them at the library, though I may be reading Last year's May issues, but hey, Free. So, I thought, Yipee! A mag that focuses on health. For free! But as I'm scouring the cover of 3 mags. that came all at once, by the way, here were some of the Health Topics: Slim Body, Fat Wallet., Look better Naked, 35 Hot New Swimsuits for your Shape,Wear this-Not that, Lean & Sexy Now, Age-Proof your Whole Body!, Instant Energy-Get it Now!, Look 10 lbs.Thinner, Eat More- Weigh Less, Flat Abs-Firm Butt-Slim Legs! Shall I go on ? What does this propaganda have to do with real Health ??? It is telling me 1. I'm fat. 2. I don't look good unless I BUY something to make me look good. 3. I'm old. 4. I'm fat, let's fool everyone into thinking I'm healthy, by BUYING some weights, or a better swimsuit. 5. How to look better naked? How can anyone pull this one off !? I know! Buy very dim bulbs, or better yet, red ones. Jump into bed and lay on your back only ! Free my @ss !!!

See ya tomorrow !!! I swear, not in a playsuit, romper or jumper.


BBM said...

WOOOORRK IT MS. REVA! ure amazing!

Vintage Vixen said...

...but why no more playsuits? You look amzing in them. I love the ethnic print one especially! Love the hat, too.
Women's mags? Bah! Never read them unless I'm in the dentist's waiting room, guaranteed to make anyone feel inadequate, over-the-hill and financially lacking.

Ultrapinque said...

too funny! women's mags are pretty much just eye candy, I like them but would never actually pay for one... I get them free too-- since i know their only purpose is to make ppl buy stuff, it's easy to shrug off... have never, ever felt bad/inadequate for reading those things...

and, you look adorable + grown-up at the same time^^ WIN!!

Beth said...

I didn't get a chance to say it in your last blog and I know some people don't look at past comments- so thank you so much for all the posing tips. They really were helpful.
Love the romper. and I love that you add the chunky belt. it makes it look so pulled together

Lady Cardigan said...

Ha, I love your expression in the photo where you're holding the magazine - that says it all! I can't stand women's magazines because they are so condescending. The editors seem to think we're all idiots.

Your outfit in this photo is both elegant and cute. I never look as good as you do, but it's inspiring to see what you do day after day. And btw I love the Forever 21 dress in your last post. I remember that from the F21 site!

(About posing, I notice that you always smile in photos, and it makes you look pleasant and friendly. I hate smiling in pictures, but I'm going to try harder in the future because I look pretty grim when I don't.)


I'm having a fat day! I did one of your poses, it's the only one I actually look thin in.Yay!
I'm still waiting for April and May's Harpers Bazar... I think the mailwoman reads them before me.
You look amazing..
Old is a naughty word! LOL

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