I plucked this photo of rai pants from Google and hope I didn't get this from a blog!
If so, let me know, and I will link it :)
This pattern could inspire turning an old pair of wide legs into rai pants.

I have been obsessed with creating looks from trends and trying to make them my own. I am a hippy,boho chick at heart, but am always willing to try out a new trend. Harem pants aren't most ladies favorites, but when I saw them mixed with Vintage stylings, I decided they might just be worth a shot. My first ones I made out of an old tiered cotton boho skirt. I really liked how they turned out. Then during my closet cleaning feasco, I ran across this skirt / pant / swimsuit cover-up. I wasn't sure how it worked and thought it was a skirt. Upon further inspection, I realized it was supposed to be tied at the legs! It was pants. Duh! So, I paired them with a fitted jacket and pearls, for the vintage vibe. The material has bows and flowers on it anyway! Plus, if I had on a bikini top underneath, I could pop onto the beach! Ahhh... Dreamin' again !

I found these shiny gladiators at the W-place for 2 bucks, and tied the pearls with a ribbon to make a choker.
The flower in my hair from the dollar store for 2 bucks, and can be worn as a brooch as well.

I had to pin the pants in the back as I've mysteriously lost weight.
I will add a seam to make them more fitted (maybe!)
I want to pair them with a whiter jacket or pink blouse when I find one!

Maybe a simple fitted T in white / pink or blue ?

My Favorite pair ( i forget by whom), and my first ones made from a skirt.

A couple of the Vintage Garden collection at F21 / 12 by 12. The really cool images are already gone :(
I ordered the pants on the right, but were way too big and had to sadly return them. The clerks were fighting over who was gonna buy them when I returned them. The photos had sweaters with flowers and beads.
All Vintagy! I wish I could find REAL vintage floral pants. I used to hate patterned pants, but am liking them as of late. They give the illusion of a butt and hips ;)
What do you think of patterned pants?


Work With What You've Got said...

You've been on my blog roll for a while silly!~ I just have a bad habit of liking your photos at weardrobe instead of the blog. I should be better about that.

I am DYING to try harem pants, but I havent found any...YET!~


I love those harem pants... I like the pattern(I could use more butt, less boob) and the side ties..

P.S. What the heck is Weardrobe?
They like lady bug kisses? MMM, to be young and clueless.

cheeky curves said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog, much appreciated.
Sorry about the pattern it is my own, but I do need to sell the ideas. If I do change my mind I will post it on my blog as a tutorial.

cheeky curves said...

Love your style, very creative

gina said...

Love the flower in your hair! Great choice of fabrics for the harem pants! They work very well with that jacket. I bet they would look good with a fitted tee too, in white, cream, pink, or blue. The fitted top would really set off the poofy bottom.

Glad the clogs fit!! I'm glad they found a good home with someone who can wear them, instead of just admiring them as they sit in the closet! :-) Green boho sounds divine.

BBM said...

u look so FIERCE reva! ure amazing!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love how these patterned tights look on you!! You look beautiful in this outfit btw! Your hair looks gorgeous with that hair accessory... so so lovely :)

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

This outfit is awesome. Love the pants.

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