Accentuating the Positive ! / My Tri-pod Workout ( patent pending)

Happy Monday ! After considering what "accentuates" my figure / features, I looked through the clothes I always go to when I want to feel great. This top has always been a favorite and I haven't found another like it. I don't remember when or where I go it, but it fits my curves very well. It is gathered (ruched?) from the V all the way down to below my breasts. I even try not to wear it a lot, but save it for those times when I need a go-to top. I have a cream one as well, and will be wearing it a lot more , too.
The not-too-deep V neck actually accentuates my neck, which I am always trying to hide! It's funny to find that the things I try to hide, I actually call more attention to ! Ureka !

 The hat and big earrings compliment my "strong" features, or as I call them , Masculine. 

Full skirts work well on my tall frame and create balance. I can do high heels or flats as well .

Ta, Da !
I guess this day I honor my neck, of all things ;)
Plus, it holds up my head. Bonus.

Woo, Hoo! My Marilyn moment !
( Slip included )

Now for my 10 Second Tri-pod Timer Work-Out ( patent pending )
Here we go !!!

Smile and breathe!   Go !!!  Run and squat. Smile !
Jump up, set timer, (don't forget to breathe!) Run! Sit sideways! Smile!
Jump up again.
Set timer. RUN! Rotate and squat, this time elongate that neck and suck in that gut!
Smile !!! Jump up to check image.
Set timer. Run! Arm left, legs right! Smile!
Grab tri-pod, rotate, set timer.... RUN!
Hit the deck! Arms to the back, legs to the front. Smile!!!
Jump up, move lounge chair out of the way. ( Don't forget to breathe! )
Up again! Go,Go,Go!!!
Repeat same movement. 5,4,3,2,1, Smile !!!
Move lounge chair again!!!
Set timer, look at previous pose, RUN! Fan out skirt, 3,2,1......
Repeat until you feel the burn!
Cool down. You probably won't need to stretch ( you probably can't anyway).
All done!!! Good job,people !!!
I didn't drop my hat once! Or I would have to drop and give myself 20 !
Whew! I need an orange pop!!!
Skirt: Sears
Hat: K-mart
Earrings: Claire's
Shoes: thrifted.                                             


Lesa said...

You did a great job with the tripod, I am still putting it off.

So sorry to hear about Vintage Vixens Mom, I don't follow her blog, but so sad.....

Daisy Dukes said...

That poem is amazing. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to vintage vixon. My mother has been gone so long. As the years go by I only miss her more.

I like your outfit very much today it feels very English with the hat and floral like you could be watching a cricket game. :)


That's great work out!! I'm stuck in the same pose... So sorry for your friend.. hugs out to her.

Beth said...

I know this workout! There needs to be a Jane Fonda Style exersize DVD so we can have some music to it.

So sorry to hear about vix's mom.
:( I will give mine a hug today... and steal something from her closet just to make it legit.

QueenDiva said...

Loving you and that skirt... super cute... keep up the good work gorgeous!!!

gina said...

What a flattering outfit on you! The top and skirt look great on your shape. I love the nude sandals and hat. So cute!

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