A Two for One Post / Muu Muu's and Beads !

Have you ever bought something, and whoever is with you asks what the heck do you want that for ? But you see the possibilities and can't wait to wear it? This is such a purchase! It was too big, and long, but I saw a cool, cropped tribal print dress. Plus, it has pockets.Christina of Second Skin Style has a great knack for seeing the possibilities of a garment, and this is similar to one of her cropped muu muu's. I have always been attracted to cotton "day dresses" and "housecoats". They end up being one-of -a -kind creations. "Limited Edition"s!

MUUMUU : n;  ( Moo - Moo )
(1927) A long, loose dress originating in Hawaii and worn for comfort.
( Webster's Dictionary)

My Mom calls these such dresses "house coats". The weather in Cincinnati has been cool, rainy and now humid and is gonna rain again. I put on warm underlings with this dress, only to swelter later in the afternoon. It was worth it, cause I felt great in this outfit all day (minus the sweat trickles down my back). I love men in drag, so I had to post Homer in his muu muu !

The boots are my favorite Banana Republics which by the way were marked down by 75% when My Hubs bought them for me. My belt is broken, so I did the under-over knot to make it fit and stay up. The hat is from Targei', earrings from Claire's,$1.00. The dress was thrifted a few years back.

This is me, usually around 3 A.M.

I'm trying to venture off the deck. Muddy !

POST # 2 :
This was the day before, and I really didn't do much. In between storms , naps and movies I did pop a few shots of some accessories I made and this neat hand crocheted cardi. I haven't really been inspired as to what to wear it with, so I end up wearing it around the house. I could do jeans and a tank with it. 
What would you wear it with ?

I am wearing some silk Gap pants and "vintage" flip-flops from the late 80's. It's so weird to me that stuff from the 80's is considered vintage !!!

The other day I made some bracelets from glass bead I bought during my crafting phase. I got a sunburn that day, but it is already gone :(
Two are for the wrist, and one is for the upper arm.

After these shots, I immediately did a mani / pedi !!! Close-ups can be scary !!!
I always keep unusual shoes. It's a thing :)

This was tricky.

Ahhhhhhh, Much easier !!! I saw a cool image app. on Dirty Hair Halo's blog I can wait to try out! So cool!

I made these when I very first got into crafting (which lasted about 5 minutes), and am not sure what the symbol means, but I hope it's a positive letter !!! I had forgotten all about them, but found them. Yah!

   Well, that was my past 2 days. See ya tomorrow !!!


Sarah said...

I love all your jewelry on your blog. It is really great!


gina said...

Great outfits! You look darling in the first one, and the second one suits your figure well.

You've been keeping this blog for a while, so you have a wealth of photos of you wearing various outfits. I think that would be a great place to start identifying what looks good on you and why that outfit is particularly flattering.

Lady Cardigan said...

I love the print on the dress! I also like your crocheted cardigan. To me it looks kind of Stevie Nicks. I'll bet you could do that kind of romantic fluttery Gypsy look.

Lesa said...

I don't know what I LOVE THE MOST, THE PRINT ON your "housecoat, Homer simpson, your cool oriental shoes or your jewelry.

ps. voted for your bag, I will vote everyday.

Vintage Vixen said...

You fabulous hippy chick, you!!!
Loving everything you're wearing, you look so much like the kind of person I'd approach in the street and start talking to, such cool and individual natural style.
Those flip flops used to be called "hot dogs" back in the 1970's, or maybe that was just a Brit thing.


This is a Mu Mu? Really? I love this Mu Mu dress. I need to get one quick... Giveaway time? :D

I have a white crochet shirt... I love it, but not sure how to wear it... Must do a post, maybe readers will help. Oh goodness

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Love the muu muu and the boots! And your jewelry in the second outfit is just amazing.

Giada Rose said...

I love your tribal print dress. It looks fabulous on you!

CalamityJem said...

I love your Muu-muu dress, what a fabulous pattern & huzzah for any garment that hides a multitude of sins on days when that is required but also looks rocking (like in your pics)cinched in with a funky belt.
Thank you for all the lovely comments you've left on my blog, I am truly humbled & proud to have you as a follower :)

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