Inspiration Alert: Tied in Knots

Inspiration alert!
When I saw this look, I had to try it asap. I didn't get the name of the original post(er?), so if it's you-please let me know ;) Basically you take a full,round skirt, grab the sides and knot! Wa-la, a new skirt! It can be knotted on the side,middle or even the back for a bit of walk-by drama... Oh how I do love my knots!   ...Hugs,  Reva
Look! My aura is white!
I am off to my Parents for a week or so as my Mom fell and cracked her shoulder. 
What a crappy Mother's Day gift! I have lined up a few posts for you. 
Til I get back, I hope you enjoy the posts.
Hugs always,
Reva :)


Melanie said...

I've missed your last couple of posts but you look fab in all of them! This peachy confection reminds me of my peignoir! Actually your peach is more like a peaches-and-cream ice cream, dreamy.

grunge-queen said...

Happy travels and I hope your Mom is ok.

I love the look of the skirt - so feminine and pretty! What a cool idea! :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Love those colours together!!! and love the shame of that skirt! xxx

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, it looks beautiful. A Flouncy skirt!
Hope you have a good weekend with your mom and that she recovers quick!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Gorgeous skirt! Could do so much with it! Sorry about your mom..hope she feels better soon and is not in a great amount of pain.

Jean at said...

Travel safely! I'm sure your presence will speed her recovery.

I was in a white/blush/beige-y frame of mind as I visiting the Salvation Army store today. Must've intuitively felt your post as I shopped! Love the way you tied the skirt.

Vix said...

What a great idea, it looks so pretty on you!
Hope your Mum's okay, happy travels. x

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. Keep your spirits up during the trip. And how wonderful is this knotting business...that's something I can't do with my collection of pencil skirts.

Shayla said...

This is a great idea and a fabulous look! I hope your mom feels better soon!

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