Little White Dress Alternative

SKIRT, TOP, BOOTS: thrifted , HAT: K-mart (I think) , 
CROSS: thrifted , PENDANTS: various gem shops

Happy Monday and a big HI to my new blog buddies!
The little white dress is all the rage this summer. 
To me, taking a trend and making it my own is what personal style is all about.
This is my alternative to the trend. 
Skirts allow for so many more looks compared to the dress.
I wasn't sure how the white on white would look, 
but pop me into a cowboy hat and everything seemed to flow just right!
The boots and accessories gave it the right toughness for all that white.
What trends are you making your own this summer?


Franca said...

I love the white, it's so summery. Tops and skirts are great for mixing and matching, though there's something fantastic about the simplicity of a dress too.

Chloe Grice said...

Great look, Reva! Even though white is SO impractical for a klutz like me, it's lovely to dress up with every now and then! :-)

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

You look so fresh and cool, I love the white. Sadly it is a colour that just doesn't suit me!

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but when I wear my long white skirt I always add a cowboy vibe, so I'm very happy to see you in this stunning outfit: the boots and the accessories are perfect!!I love the cross necklace!
Too bad that here is raining again so I don't feel that summer has arrived yet!!
Happy Monday my dear!!

Vix said...

That's a fab white dress and I love it with the boots and hat. x

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look like a Texas gal in this would fit right in!!

grunge-queen said...

I LOVE this look and am envious as white washed me out (need to get a fake tan, ha!). I was in France this past week and saw an ENTIRE SHOP dedicated to white cotton clothing - it was so gorgeous. I like how you've funked it out witht he hat and bling bling. :)

Miss Maple said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and for following.
Great combo! The white dress with cowboy hat and boots. Looks so special!

Anonymous said...

Super hip and some great boots! I've been trying on cowboy boots in vintage shops but just can't seem to find anything comfortable.
A trend I'm going to enjoy this summer is colored denim. Greeeeen!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous on you! At first I took it for a dress rather than a top and skirt combo and I thought it might even be a dancer's leotard type dress. Love your expression in that last photo.

pastcaring said...

You are right, the hat and boots and rock chick jewellery make the white outfit really cool. I'm too pale to look good in white - but you look really great! xxxx

SylviaLovesPink said...

I love your white outfit. I have trouble wearing white. I'm a dirt magnet when it comes to white. I don't wear it often enough. You look great.

Sheila said...

Sweet look, Reva! I love the top + skirt in same colour = dress! I did that recently with orange and was really pleased with how it looks.

This summer? I am the remix queen! Woo!


Reva, I swear you look good wearing any style -- cowgirl, rocker, whatever! I love the idea of the 'little white dress' for summer... Pretty and funky!!

josep-maria badia said...

Why did you feel the white ... A simple outfit to make you look beautiful.

Bella Q said...

How did I miss this post- white on white becomes you- fresh and rock and roll at once. My summer trends? Brights and florals. And florals and brights, lol.

wardrobeexperience said...

adorable white cowgirl look... great hat!

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