The Religion of Blogging

I wandered in, (off the sofa), not knowing what I was seeking. I wast lost....
I needed salvation. 
Freedom from the misleading world of blah fashion and football helmut hair. 
Little did I know that my faith would be tested in a way that would leave me forever changed.

 I entered the Temple of Blogger.
I was on a mission. I was searching for the Almighty flow of the One. Creativity. The great inspirer. At first, as with any new religion, I was baffled at their way of life. But something was still attracting me to the flock. I wanted what they had.
Confidence, self-appreciation, and an outlet to share my creativity...

At first, I stumbled. I was still lost, until....
I learned of The Commandments of Blogging.
Now, as most 'commandments' go, I chose to follow some - was unaware of some - and broke many of them along the path of righteousness. A few I had to learn the hard way, the rest came through faith...
They are as such:
Though shalt use no graven image other than thine own.
Though shalt not steal other's original ideas.
Though shalt credit all images to their original source.
Remember to post faithfully.
Let there be plenty of light when taking thy photos.
Though shalt remain true to thyself, lest you will be a spreader of falsehood.
You keep what you have by commenting back. Share with others. Tithe. 
Do not blast from the mountain tops your favorite hymns. That should be kept private unless you warn other's...
Word Verification is of the devil.
To be a true Blogger, ye must join many groups and be bold.
Do not profit from false prophets. Only profit from what you believe in, lest other's think you a sell-out.
Most importantly - Have Faith. Build it and they will come...


The Church of Blog is only for the strong hearted.
The religion of The Blog can be a tough road to travel. Many get Sainted, while many get lost - never to be heard from again. It takes a really special Blogger to become canonized. I only know of two. I hope their journey beyond the Great Blog was a peaceful one. Some just glide along, simply pleased to be a member of such a creative group. I suppose that would be the congregation I reside in.

Yes, I have stumbled-as many do 
from time to time when their faith is tested. 
I've had the "WHY Me's" and the secret prayer 
to be a better blogger.
I've placed other's on a throne. 
I've lusted in my heart, 
seen the green-eyed demon, ENVY, 
and I've been humbled all within a week. 
I have entertained doubt and uncertainty, 
but at the end of the day, 
I keep my faith and keep coming back.



Bella Q said...

PS: you look lovely!

Anonymous said...

Reva--this is so true. Blogging IS a bit a spiritual path.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

I absolutely LOVE this. Hear, hear! (And you look completely gorgeous, to boot!)

Vix said...

Absolutely brilliant! You are spot on Reva (and look gorgeous in your floral mini and knitted hat, too!) xxx

Anonymous said...

I love this! A great introspection and I agree!

Jean at said...

Amen to that!

kaffesoester said...

What a great post - the commandments are just what every new blogger should read!

The Style Crone said...

Reva, this was great. I've read it three times and think it will be a bookmark. Thank you!

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Hee! I love this post. So true. (I will admit to battling the demons of envy and self-doubt, many times. It's a wonderful challenge to channel those into productive directions -- striving to improve, admiring those who are great, finding the balance between acceptance and ambition. Life lessons, indeed!

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