Remember yesterday when I got some packages. Well, one was an over-the-knee boot (Finally!) and a print from a new blog buddy, Joni. I had peeked in at her etsy shop and was blown away by her kick-@ss prints! I told her I was gonna buy one for my Birthday (June 19th;). She just went ahead and gave me the one I loved for a present! 
How nice,thoughtful and generous was that? (and more gushes)
This is Joni,
Another over 40 blogger from Seattle!
She goin' for hip beyond 50!
Her new style blog: http:/walkingcolors.blogspot/
Her style blog is awesome and you can tell she has 
'the touch' that only an artist could have. 
I love this look, inspired by art of course!
Here are a few of her designs I am lusting for at her etsy shop, 
I believe she is gonna be doing them on tees soon.

Pop by and say Hi!
her style blog:Walkingcolors
her art blog:artbyjonijames


Sara said...

I just found her blog, and I love it! You're so right about that personal touch only an artist could have. :D Her artwork is amazeballs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the link to her blog. Her artwork is amazing. And you wanna know what else is amazing? My birthday is June 13. Geminis unite!

Lena said...

amazing pics!)

Anonymous said...

Reva!! You are so awesome! It's like my own personal billboard in here. Thank you SO much! I'm so glad I found your blog, its an inspiration to me in every post. A big hug to you from the West Side! ;)

Helga! said...

She IS a weosme!!! I just discovered her too!!! YAY,we can never have enough funky fab over 40 friends!!!XXXXXXXX

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What cool designs! I love the butterfly!

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