Summer Inspiration: Head To Toe

A little something for everyone!
From head to toe...

I have these in pink!
This is all about the softer end of brights.

I "flippin" love these!!!
 I could plop down anywhere and find you ;)
I want this skirt so much! (Hint,Hint, Birthday........)
As you are seeing this , guess what- I'm at my Parent's....
cooking, cleaning, no internet access, watch 'Cops" re-runs and doing tons of laundry. I'm probably making some soup or mending some clothes on her kick-@ss factory machine she bought from Brookes Brothers after her retirement.
Send me happy wishes, prayers and an actual sacrific might help ;)Kidding....
Or am I?


Anonymous said...

I love the map leggings and hope things are going well for you at the folks.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a nice Sunday with your mom Reva!
If you want, I can draw you a picture of that skirt for your birthday. ha!

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