Just Hangin' ;)

Today was like Christmas and my birthday!
My flowers are a bloomin', my mail man left me 2 packages 
AND a Glamour (a gift from my hubby :). 
I can't wait to show you one present I got. 
I'll show you tomorrow!

Hope your weekend is going great :)


Anonymous said...

You are pretty crafty with that camera and you're making me want to smoke! But, I never looked that cute when I smoked. ha!
I love that big bold necklace. I need to add something like that to my wardrobe.

Sara said...

I LOVE this dress. It's so fantastic! The print & shape are perfection. ::sigh:: You look fabulous! And the belt as necklace = best idea ever.

Clairejustine said...

Love your outfit,your dress is so great :)


Flowers love you, and me too.
Have a lovely weekend, my dear friend.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Thank belt makes the coolest necklace! Keep bloomin, Reva!!

pastcaring said...

Fabulous flowers, in the garden and on your floaty gorgeous frock! The hat and boots make it very you. Enjoy your weekend. xx

Jean at said...

Great look, especially love the braid and tilted-back hat! It's a cool take on an 80's moment.

Style Agent 909 said...

Too cute Reva. I'm gonna have to break out my 80's floral romper. Your dress inspires me.

Bella Q said...

You are truly blooming madly! Love the florals and your cute as punch knee caps!
PS Make sure you are entering the Karina Dress giveaway you MUST use the raffle copter gidget in the giveaway post- I noticed there's no Reva entries- hope you do so you have a chance to win!

Bella Q said...

The art is great and what a sweetheart to give a piece for your birthday! Seattle? Well, I hope I find her on FB where there's a Seattle blogger group! We've got a meetup coming up this month.

Ive added her to the blogroll- off to check out her shop! Thank you Reva for sharing her with us! xo.

Lorena said...

Such a spectacular floral dress!
I love the neon tank - and those are some nice pictures... with your twin ;)

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