Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes .........

"Time may change me, But I can't change Time".......
 As I am adding my images tonight, all I can say right now is , I hate you, Blogger !!! Sorry you guys, but they've did it again. Took a very simple method and turned it into madness ;) And, I don't use Picassa, I upload my images straight from my computer, which for me is the quickest and simplest method. Why? Why? WHY ? OK, now on to my outfit :) I have been in creative mode the last few days. I have especially been enjoying my cammy ! I took a full, "twist to dry" skirt and wore it as a top. I made straps for it, but they were too skinny, so I removed them and just popped a cotton vest on instead. I like the kinda tribal print. And then I got all crazy with some shoes as well. Nothing too major, but my Sharpies are calling me to do some other shoes and maybe a Tee :) The pre-fall weather is getting me all hyped and I finally got to put on leggings.
Then became the question, To tie or not to tie ?
Actually I think it was a draw ;)
Skirt: Penny's,clx(1.77) - Vest: ? - Necklace: the W place. - Brown Stone Pendant: Black Mkt. Minerals.
Leggings: Mossimo, 7 bucks - Shoes: Small hippie shop.($4.00) - Cuff: Dot's.
 I cut my bangs and celebrated by curling my hair with a small barrel iron, which is a pain, but lasts forever !
Ahh, now I am settling down as I figure out this latest image gadget thingy.
Sorry Guys ;) I do get flustered easily sometimes. I still prefer the other way, though.
And a big thanks for all the wonderful comments on yesterday's post. Isn't she beautiful ?
And I feel the change a coming - Fall Fashion !
Are you all getting hyped about Fall as much as me? I took a long walk through our neighborhood this evening. The rustling leaves, the dryer air, and layering all danced in my head ;) I will miss Summer, and I still have piles of outfits I wanted to wear, but Autumn Fashion and Fall, period, are always my favorites!
What are you looking forward to donning this upcoming season ?


JordanMayTwigs said...


I'm looking forward to lots of flowy layering.
Wearing my boots agian.
Wearing JEANS.
FINALLY wearing my pink leather jacket.
Wearing socks agian.

I start in a few weeks.


Maria said...

I love the pretty colors! I like it better open, i just like the way it flows.

Vintage Vixen said...

Hi Reva! The light does look very autumnal in your photos and I love the contrast of the aqua shades with the black. Your hair's looking awesome.
I love walking on a crisp and dry autumn day, kicking piles of leaves and picking up conkers but I'm a summer girl and don't relish months of coats, boots and hats! xxx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I love that you wear skirts as strapless dresses, I do that too! I vote away the vest, but that you add a nice "boyfriend blazer over your rad skirt/dress/top. Love the leggings and the maryjanes with the look. Looking zesty as ever, chica.

Lady Cardigan said...

I love your outfit. You look amazing as always. Uh oh, what has Blogger done now? I haven't updated my blog in a few weeks, hope I'm not going to get unpleasant surprises when I do. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to autumn. My favorite time of year, and a much more practical time to wear my beloved cardigans.

Lesa said...

My fav colors! Also love the silver bracelet(s)

Lesa said...

Oh yeah, enjoy that Autumn, here in South Florida it just goes from hotter than Hell (now) to ahhhh....I can breath a little now (mid-November)

Beth said...

Love the shoes- I have lived in them for years- so comfy and cute.

I am looking forward to jeans and boots. I feel so Jerry Hall in Jeans and Boots

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