Sign Of The Times

I had a really important commentary about fashion and politics, but was having too much fun to type it all down, So another day ;) Though, have you guys noticed the trends in fashion usually reflect the politics of the times? This outfit is kind of along that line of thinking. Where anything goes and individuality is far more fashionable than status quo ? Or blending ? I'll save the politics for another day.
Alternative Music.
Eclectic Style.
Indie Films.
Equal :
A Celebration of Individuality !
I still haven't forgotten my upcoming MIL photos, The 8,8,8, and a mystery interview :)
All will be revealed (when I'm less hyper! )
Top: Newport News, thrifted,.99cents - Vintage Levi's - Clogs: Gina (thanks so much!)
Have an Alternative and Eclectic Weekend !

Update: Dear Anonymous, cause it's MY blog and I love photography !
Have a nice day :)


JordanMayTwigs said...

I totally agree,
That fashion is defos taking a que from the economy,
More and more people are thrifting.
Which is kind of making it harder and harder to find good stuff.

I love those clogs though.
There adorable.
And look super comfy.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I think that sadly it's human nature at work - deflated economy = more individuality vs boom = "It" bags. As soon as things look up, people start spend, spend, spending - much of it on crap. Is it just me or is it a shame that we need the wolf at the door to encourage us to be resourceful?
By the way, this is a lovely, fun outfit - the clogs are beautiful!
Come and say hi!

Vintage Vixen said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
Well, hemlines always come down during a recession and wealth is displayed with pride when times are good hence those hideous "it bags".
Personally I think we tend dress better when the going gets tough, we're forced to use our imagination instead of buying endless yubbish. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that malarky.

Anonymous said...

Why so many photos of the same outfit?

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Ah, I love,love,love the top!
Newport News does have some cute stuff: I got my homecoming dress from sophmore year from there.It was originally 100 dollars, marked down to 40 dollars for a summer sale, hehe :)

Oh, and I love the little surprise peace sign on the back of the shorts! So quirky and unexpected, but highly delightful at the same time.

Hope you're having an Alternative and Eclectic weekend, as well!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

P.S. UC is on my list of colleges to still take a visit to!!
My cousin recently took a tour and LOVED it. That made me even more excited to visit perhaps soon. You'll have to give me the insiders on the good restauraunts, thrift spots, ect... :)

Beth said...

I am a huge fan of cut offs and silk (or silky) tops- such a great juxtoposition

UH...and could you PLEASE add some more photos? You know we never tire of them!!!

Lesa said...

Reva, don't worry about the 8 questions thing. I'm just nosy and you are one of the coolest bloggers in the fashion world. As for anonymous, post twice as many pics tomorrow, just to piss her off.

Disco Goth said...

You look great in that outfit, ove the shoes =) x

Weesha said...

great outfit, I'm not a fan of clogs but you make them look awesome and you look amazing in shorts!

Where I live, there are no thrift shops and it's all about labels and status! sucks :/ this place has no soul or individuality at all.

Tamia said...

Love the combo of feminine blouse and badass frayed denim. Let me find my old shorts...


gina said...

The top is a great cut and so flattering on you. The peace sign patch on your butt is unexpected and quite cute. This outfit really shows off your great legs.

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