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The "secret" interview day has arrived ! This is the second time I have interviewed anyone. The first was the blogger who inspired me to start a blog, at a time in my life when I desperately needed a creative outlet. I was so new to the blog-o-sphere, and finding myself making really big boo-boo's, like posting other blogger's images as inspiration (without permission). I really didn't know what the hell I was doing. So, the kind and inspiring Kasmira, Of WhatIWoreToday, helped me ( the newbie blogger ) with tips for the new blogger.

The second interview is with someone who inspired me to think outside the box. In today's sometimes confusing "information bombardation" when I run across someone who's Personal Style is so enriching , and their viewpoints are equally as vibrant, I am compelled to share it with others. Christina has helped me begin to accept my personal style and just begin to flow. To acknowledge that we aren't all sheep and it's really cool to be myself, plus she is a mad thrifter :) She is a selfless, talented, siren who has certainly reached enlightenment ! Her writing skills are equally amazing as her fashion savvy. She's a visionary in the fashion world, Vintage clad Etsy shop owner, and an honest breath of fresh air. Most of you probably know her blog well. These are questions I would ask say if we were talking one on one. I adopted her "passing something on while you still love it, so the love passes to the next person as well " philosophy. I could gush on and on so here we go:

An Interview with Christina, of Second Skin Style 

1. What inspired you to start a fashion blog ?

I actually started my first blog with a friend to have a virtual space to hang out, even though she only lived like 5 miles away. Unfortunately our friendship dissolved and so did that blog, so I just started a new one. I called it Second Skin because I wanted it to be about how clothing and style are sort of like a secondary identity. 

2. How has Blogging changed your life ?

I have grown more confident over the past almost year of blogging, in my thoughts, in my style and just in general.  It has allowed me to meet people I am truly compatible with, and helped me to feel like less of a weirdo. 

3. How does it make you feel when so many are so inspired by your blog ?

I assume everyone is an inspiration to someone right?  Blogging just allows everyone to find their unique audience. It feels really good to think about the fact that that I may be giving some one inspiration since I am so often inspired by others. I like that I have a part in that cycle.

4. Was there a moment when you realized you had hit the "Big Time"?

I don't really feel like I have hit "big time" actually.  I guess that it just depends on how you define "big time." I think of Karla's Closet as big time. The Sartorialist. Face Hunter.  I am just a girl with a blog. Its all relative I guess. The thing is, really cool stuff that happens here in blog land, don't happen necessarily because of how big your blog is. Magical internet things can happen to anyone with a blog. We are all in the same universe regardless of rank. 

5. Where do you draw your fashion inspirations from?  

Street style photography, the things I thrift which are often one of a kind and a little off kilter, the seasons, color and patterns. 

6. Do you believe it is a natural talent or can style be "learned"?
I think there is a little bit of both.  I was always interested in clothes and dressing. My mom tells me I took three baths a day just so I could change my clothes that many times. It doesn't mean I was super stylish as a kid but the passion and excitement was there, enough that it became a priority and I think that is all it really takes to develop a personal style

7. What is the outfit/post that you are most proud of ? 

I honestly don't even know! If I didn't have a blog I wouldn't even remember what I wore last week. I think most days I think to myself, "wow I love this outfit" and I as I look back through my archives I am like, "oh, what was I thinking!" So, ya, I am sorry!  I don't really have one that stands out! 

(That's OK, Christina, I have a ton of favorites to post ;)
8. What is the most clever style or trend you have come across lately ?

I am very very interested in spats right now.  I found a pair of WWII canvas spats that I am planning on wearing to the ground this fall. I don't know if it will be a "trend" per se but I do think they are unbelievably clever. 

9. What is your most exciting "Blog related" experience ?

Each time I meet a blogger I am totally star struck and relieved at the same time that they are just normal humans.  Regular people.  I think that was one of my most exciting discoveries while blogging, since before meeting any I thought that there was no way I could every be as cool or special or magical as they were. Then it was like Kung Fu Panda or something (if you saw that movie), there is no secret ingredient. You just have to believe that something is special for it to be. If I thought that they were special, and they are normal (albeit still special) then I just have to believe that I am special too, while still normal. Not in an unhealthy egotistical way, just in the self acceptance Kung Fu Panda sort of way. It works the other way too though. Suddenly people I thought were super special, when I realized that they are normal, just become normal and the magic stops and so does the enchantment they had over me. I think that realization keeps me from thinking my shit doesn't stink. You know what I mean? 
10. What, in your opinion, defines a "note-worthy" or "good" blog?

Any blog that does not serve as a means to an end, but as an end in itself.  This is my opinion solely. I just enjoy blogs that are blogs and not stepping stones to something else. 

11. How has your blog evolved over time?

I think I used to want more in the beginning, and now I am satisfied with what it is. It gives me more relaxed tone. I trust my readers and don't worry so much about attracting more or turning off the ones I have.  I know people come and go and I don't let that effect me anymore. 
( This first image is from her first post :)
12. When or Why did you first fall for Vintage ?

I grew up at a comfortable, but "no extras" income level, and my parents had two more kids when I was a teenager so there was really not any extra money during that time, so if I wanted new clothes I shopped at the thrift shops.  It never felt shameful to me. It was the 90's and grunge and old tee shirts and ripped jeans were all the rage, so I fit right in. You know Weezer and "if you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away."  Well we all wore unraveling sweaters back then. it just stuck. 

13. Which outfits are the most "You"?

Any earth toned prints with my brown flat boots, a woven leather belt and a hat.  

14. What trends are you looking forward to this Fall ?
Well, like knits and layers, scarves and hats, chunky socks, spats, boots, military, stuff like that.

15. What is your definition of Success ?

Feeling satisfied with myself.

16. What advice would you give young women ?

There is no secret ingredient.  You have all the things you are and need inside of you. You do not have to look anywhere for these things, just be in touch with yourself and accept what you find. Do not judge

17. Many of us at one time or another have had or received "negative" feedback on our blogs. Has this ever happen to you and of so how did you deal with it ?

I took it personally at first.  Then I realized that there are some bitter people in the world and it doesn't mean that they are wiser than me due to that bitterness. It helped me to dissolve my bad feelings. 

18. What are you most proud of ? 
My self. My family. My peace. 

19. Is it tough to maintain such a popular Blog? If so, how? 

I do have more readers than I did when I started, as this is the natural progression of things. The hardest part of that growth was realizing that I couldn't have connections with everyone who read and left comments any more.  When I had 15 followers I knew each one. As more people arrived, I knew most, then it came to a point where I didn't know some, then most. I almost quit blogging when I got to that point since it didn't feel right or fair. I only have about an hour or so each day to be in the internet, including putting my own posts up, emailing and looking at blogs and commenting. The more emails and blogs I was interested in meant less quality time for anything while I was there.  That goes against my nature. I am a quality over quantity person so I had to put a superficial limit on myself to prevent burnout and resentment. Its not a perfect system.  I struggle with my own self judgment.  Even writing this is a struggle not to judge myself. 

20. And last, but certainly not least, What Philosophy or "Words of Wisdom" do you live by and would like to empart on the rest of the world ?


Um, Well, Like I said before, just recognize that the light in you is the same light that is in every living thing. its all energy. Life, what every you want to call it. There is no hierarchy. Its all the same light. Once you get that, things start seeming a lot different. 

Thanks so much , Christina, for your light, you wisdom,
   and for showing me that sometimes less really is more,
   and to think big. Who knew to tie a skirt as a dress using
   the tie from the skirt - or to wear a kerchief as a top ? 

Christina also recently did an interview with Merciblahblah If
you would like to hear more and different questions/answers !  You can see Christina's cool style here : Second Skin Style, her blog and her Etsy link is there as well.

Love and Peace to you all !
Happy Monday :)


merciblahblah said...

Great interview! She is soooo genuine, isn't she?


Vintage Vixen said...

Stunning and stylish woman. I will have to pay her a visit soon. xxx

Kimberellie said...

What a great interview! Thanks for this! Awesome questions. Oh, and I loved the pics you posted!

Sarah said...

Great interview. I really love her style!!

Helga! said...

Fab interview,darling!! Your questions are really good, and it shows that she thought so too!
I must check out this lady!!

Fia said...

Great interview! You really know how to as questions that beg for discussion. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful interview!! She visited my blog when it was only about a week old and left an encouraging but honest comment (i didn't even have the link to my blog right!). Christina maintains her genuine self.

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