I Get By With a Lot of Help from my Friends / Keeping it Simple

Finally, I had a light-bulb moment and a big thanks to Christina, for her photo tips! KISS usually works best and sometimes I forget that. Keep It Simple Silly never fails me, whether in my photos or life in general. I got too caught up in the gadgets on my camera, that I started reverting back to my old cammy. I even feared heading out to pop off a photo! How stupid, really. I am back to basics and re-set my custom settings to standard ( including my "soul settings") and wa-la. Much better. That seems to be the theme of my outfit as well. A simple tunic, light accessories and a low bun, with the exception of the Bump-It. This thing is awesome. I did see another style of "bump creator" by Goody at Walgreens, which is cheaper and smaller. It cost about 5 bucks and looks great. The tunic is by Angie, made in India, from TJMaxx for 7 bucks. Sandals: Newport News. Flower brooch as hair pin. The sun is setting, I'm not jaundiced ;)
Bump It and doubled bun.
Also, the Daisies I posted yesterday are actually Echinacia, a member of the daisy family.
Thanks, Citizen Rosebud :) for keeping me on my toes.
And again, a big thanks for all your good vibes! It really helped me in a time of worry and fear.
The result was unexpectedly good. My "boulder" actually disappeared ! I am gonna give back to society
and honor the goodness and blessings I have received. "Ya keep what you have by giving it away" :)
I am working on my 8 answers for Lisa, and editing photos of my Mom2, then a surprise interview soon!
WW40 Update: I actually haven't been there in over a week. Slackin' :)


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ah, it is good to be reminded that solutions are usually found in simplicity.
You look gorgeous.

Vintage Vixen said...

That dress is so beautiful on you, Reva. With your hair worn like that you look so sophisticated. xxx

t said...

You and your MIL are on weardrobe. Congrats, just lovely. Older woman making it work....

Beth said...

I love the sleeve of this dress. Very sexy

Lesa said...

Love the dress and the sleeves make it so special. BTW love your MIL.

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