Hazy Hippie Day with a Green Stone

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer......
These images remind me of old 70's photos. At least the ones I still have! They all seem to age into a golden, hazy look. I wish I'd been wearing a floral maxi or a bikini top with cut-offs standing next to my first car :) Instead, I've got on one of my crinkled embroidered tops and cargos. The criss-cross leather clogs are a seventies look, but the fedora popped me back into the now. Honestly, I really hate this kind of weather, especially living in a dirty little city with little or no ocean access. Now pop me onto the beach, and I can sit there all day and let the tide wash my junk until the sun sets ! My Mom #2 just arrived, and fresh green beans are simmering on the stove as I type. Yummm........... This week I will get tons of fresh vegetables and healthy cooking, Yipee !!!
Notice my french tipped toenails? They take a while to do, but last forever.
A great alternative in the late summer after I get tired of polishing all the time ;)
Is that my little diva in the background ?
A close-up of my top. I swear I can't remember where I got it, and I swear I'm not drunk in this shot.
We live in a very hilly area, but i got a small piece of sunset for ya!
My necklace is a Moss Agate stone that I added to a long chain.
The Agate is the star/sun sign stone for Gemini's, and the natal/birth stone of June.
Green is an Earth element which is connected to the heart chakra and is the color of balance.
Green is the color of healing, hope,optimism, freedom and balance.
This stone enhances personal courage and protects against danger ;)
This week will be a test of courage and faith for me as I venture into some unknown territory,
so light a candle for me :)  The other necklace is a group of 3 charms. One says "courage."
Another is St. Francis, the other a religious charm I found in a cache while Geo-caching!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Good luck and best wishes for this week. And did you French tip your own nails? Holy cow, I can barely just paint my own nails.

Vintage Vixen said...

Wishing every bit of love and luck for this week, Reva. With that pretty top, those fab shoes and the amazing jewellery you look fit enough to battle anything.
Love ya xxxxxxxx

Lesa said...

Reva, Love the shirt and the stone.

When you have time, come on over to my blog I have tagged you to answer some questions.

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