Loose and Flowy Mystery Shirt : Found !

Hi everybody !!! It's a wonderful day to be alive ! Blogger already went back to normal. Normally, I can go with the flow, but when I get used to something, especially concerning the blasted computer ;), I get panicky. I wonder if it's an old lady thing ? Anyhoo, I love this outfit. I have been seeing everyone sporting the loose, oversized shirt lately, and I have been searching for one that drapes perfectly for a while with no luck. Then, Wa-La, My Hubs had one in his closet. A linen Banana Republic, which will probably be living in my closet from now on ;) This shirt is a tricky animal. It has to be sheer (ish) and flowy, but big and droopy all at the same time. Thus, heavy linen ! This elusive animal was sneaky. I scored this skirt on 2 dollar day. Lovin the ethnic pattern, and my first instinct was to chop it off, but now I'm glad I didn't. I popped on a pair of platform MJ's and a belt. Da-Da. Me likey! I'm off to run errands and have you noticed my photos are getting fewer ? AADD must be improving ;) I am actually Not vain, pretty much opposite, I just have a hard time making decision :) I knew you'd understand :)


Weesha said...

ooh you look like a gypsy! The pattern on the skirt is beautiful and I love how you styled it with the flowy shirt and cross necklace, you look beautiful!

Lesa said...

I think I am running out of adjectives to describe you . I want this whole outfit, it is soooo gorgeous, top to bottom.

JordanMayTwigs said...

Majorly digging the new shirt.
I steal my fathers shirts sometimes.
And then he asks me later when I sneak them back why his closet suddenly smells like me.

I also love love love that necklace.
It fits perfectly with this outfit.

I went to a Breast Cancer Awareness Beenfit last night.
How stinking cool is that?!??!

Anyway I hope all is well.
I miss your e-mails.
E-mail me sometime.
I'd love to hear how your doing.



Anonymous said...

beautiful-- the 2nd to last pic especially~~ <3

gina said...

I love this look! Such a pretty skirt! Nice fit of the top, awesome necklace. Your hair looks so pretty with the few loose ringlets!

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