The New Me !

Ta, Da !!!
How do you like the new Me ?
I have been contemplating a Blog-Over for a while, but the "What if it sucks?" part of me was nervous about making the change. But, the "new and hopefully improved" me, who is working all the time on making changes in my life that keep me from being in a rut, won over. I did it. When I first started a Blog, many people advised me to go with a white background, but I just wan't feeling it. I liked the black and it seemed to make my sad little photos "Pop" a bit better. So, first I changed the header. I really don't think anyone noticed ;) So, I have moved out of the black and into the gray. Not quite ready for white, yet. But who knows? I might get really brave and just do it !

And, another idea I have been wanting to do is a "Pay It Forward" day. Or post.

So I am calling all my fellow bloggers to pay it forward. Is there a blog that really makes you happy or has a post that you can really relate to, that you might not have had the time to comment on ? Or a new blog that needs support ? One of the best things about my day are when someone I didn't even know leaves a kind comment on my blog, or when I open it up, there is a new follower that actually cares enough to peek into my lifestyle each day :)  Maybe there is a blog you check out from afar and could hit "follow" and make their day . As you guys know, I love making widgets, so I am gonna send a "Widget Greeting" to someone who makes my blogging life  a bit more fun and interesting. I'm not trying to guilt anyone and you don't have to play, but if you do, pop me a line and tell me how you payed it forward this week :) I love to hear happy stuff :)

This week I am sending a widget to SomeoneLikeYou, a new and lovely blogger who has the neatest photos and her vintage-inspired style is awesome! She is on her way back to school soon and she is (in my humble opinion) an up-and-coming blogger to watch for ! Watch for her to be featured on Weardrobe. Betcha!
My Outfit !
I have a new friend who I am actually getting to chat photo techniques with and who values my opinion as well. How cool is that! I have been trial-and-error self-teaching myself for a long time. I have the manuals, but honestly, I do better hands on. Here is an example of fill-flash overexposure. The colors are all washed out. Since it was full-on mid-day sunshine, I moved around and found that when using fill-flash, make sure the camera (and you) are shaded, but the background light needs to be heavy to compete with the sensors that determine how much flash you need....
Like this.
Ta,Da. Much more balanced :) This is the actual color of my pants.
See the difference? I am learning, so watch out Weardrobe ;)
You've pretty much seem the rest of this outfit at one time or another, but the headband and bag are new ;)
Headband : Forever 21 - Bag : thrifted - Gold bracelet : Vintage
Then, SomeoneLikeYou also gave me an award that says to list what I love most about my blog.
This is a hard one, but I would have to say taking photos. I love photography and I love clothes and finding new style / trends to draw inspiration from. Then getting to share the outfits with others and having people who actually care enough to check out my style! My blog opened up a much needed "Me" place. A place where I could express myself without having to make sure it was OK to do so ;)  As a mature blogger, it gives me a creative outlet and makes me keep thinking in a creative way. The other thing I love are the relationships and new friends I have made along the way.
Thank you guys so much !
I have a very special surprise interview coming up and am so excited. Stay tuned ..........


FENNOfashion said...

I love the new layout and I think grey is a nice choice for the background. I added one of your photos to my newest blogspot!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

The gray is a great choice, Reva!

Vintage Vixen said...

Love, love, LOVING the new look blog, Reva. You're looking exceptionally happy and totally radiant. xxx

jlag said...

Great new look! Also, I love the shoes in this post.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower...who is interested in the lessons you have learned. I think I'll I notice I'm making some boo-boos.

Great photos, btw.

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