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Cat Kisses

Sandpaper Kisses
On a cheek
Or a chin.
That's the way for a day
To begin.

Sandpaper Kisses
A cuddle and purr.
I have an alarm clock
Covered with fur.
( Author Unknown )

Sappy huh ? Ahh, the stuff  I get into :)
I know all you cat ladies will appreciate this story:
Grab some wine and a bag of popcorn ;)
Last night, after a day of a quickie thrift stop, I found the coolest Vintage sunglasses. I hardly ever look as they are usually dismal at best. But, I found myself eying a pair and lo and behold, there was a pair of Liz Claiborne's AND Anne Klein !!! (The way to tell if they are truly vintage is the size is usually much smaller (shorter) and the tips are bigger. Plus, they are heavier and usually much better made.) Score ! But when I got home, one pair was not in the bag. I poked around outside the car in the dark to no avail. Oh well. So I went to sleep with sunnies dancing around my dreams. Now, usually Bitty-Bitty, my 18 yr. old house cat, gets me up at least 6 or so times a night to be fed and petted. She's like an infant. But, I slept like a baby. When I awoke, I stood straight up in bed with a weird sense of dread. She hadn't cried all night. I searched the house from top to bottom and back again. Panic attack !!! No Boo ! I went outside and called her. No Boo. I was then really freaking. I called loudly. Did you hear me, too ??? I heard a faint wail. She had skipped out the door when I wasn't looking. She spent an entire 11 hours outside with the deer, possums, raccoons, dogs, and other kitties (who like to beat up other kitties) and the other night-time creepy crawlies. All night! She was wet, soggy, and so happy to see me :) I felt so bad ! She slept all the rest of the day, not even getting up to eat. I felt so bad !!! I think she forgave me after a pet job and purr session. Maybe I should buy her a new toy? Maybe that cell phone she's been wanting ???
Poor Bitty ! I feel soooo bad !
I even made posters ;) Kidding !
After the "Kitty Freak Out" I found the sunnies. Next time I'll look during daylight ;)
Love Em ! The black ones are as big as a baby's head.
Dress: Old Navy - Vest: Mossimo - Scarf: F21 - Hat: Dot's - Boots: Penny's.
Notice the shorter ear-pieces and bigger tips ?
Earrings: Penny's clx. - Cuffs: Penny's clx.
"Mr. Limber Nome" prefers the whoppers.
OOhh, and a non-profit plug for visiting the Library. They will now hold current magazines for ya !
No more last season reads for me, Baby ;)
I found this, too. Maybe someday I will pop off ONE good shot instead of questioning my images :)
House, Sweet House :)
This time last August, I wore this dress like this ! I see the evolution. Do you ?  Plus, I only posted one photo! I soon stretched my blog and the old posts look so funny :)  I was posting on Weardrobe, but didn't start my official blog until October. My first comment was from Marie, of TheJoyof Fashion. My first blog buddy and someone who encouraged me to continue blogging as I was ready to give it up. Thanks, Marie ! I will never forget the uplifting comments and support you have given me :)

And That's the Rest of the Story.........
(Paul Harvey, 1918 - 2009) For you younguns ;)



lovely scarf

Lesa said...

Poor Kitty! At least your yard looks like a great place to get locked out in! I had a kitty that lived until 21 (Jesse) Can't tell you how many animals I have now, they would come and lock me up, but I am working on cat lady status! Cool green glasses! Don't ya hate getting older and losing things that are right there?

Abi said...

Yikes! I'm glad you found Boo. Nothing as scary as a missing cat!
Love your wrist cuffs and vest. Such a beautiful colour and fabric

gina said...

Poor little kitty. :-( Glad everything turned out alright.

Love the garden gnome in the sunglasses! Totally kooky and hilarious!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Can you believe that I haven't read these beautiful words until now!! You are soooo sweet Reva, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad you didn't quit because your blog is an inspiration to so many people now. Keep up the wonderful work! Thanks again, you really made me feel special :)


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