A Thrifty Day !

All I can say is I love you guys and I'm spent :) My Mom #2 and I spent the day running around and thrifting. She is very hard to talk into nabbing up things she doesn't need. On the other hand, I found 2 skirts, 2 bags for 99 cents each and 2 dresses ;) I wore a thrifted F21 skirt, Layered tanks and a vintage headscarf. The cherry was getting to finally wear my vintage Clarke wedges :)  I can very easily talk myself into buying stuff :)
Have a great weekend !!!


QueenDiva said...

I really really really like this outfit... I think its the belt & the shoes... or the gray tank... ok... not sure what it is... just really love it... may try to recreate this but you know... different...

Helga! said...

That's a gorgeous look,Reva!!
I had a crazy thrifting day yesterday,finding and grabbing lots of deliciousness I didn't need,but o so enjoy!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Such a fabulous look, Reva, one of my favourites I think! Love the skirt and headscarf. I can be talked into buying stuff far too easily, too! xxx
PS Love how you American girls love Clarks' shoes. We were made to wear them as kids!!!

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