A Day in the Park

O.K, I'm ready now ! Wow, what a weekend. I am a bit behind in Blogdonia. I am usually late anyway, so really it's typical ;) My Mom #2 spent the weekend and we all too a walk at Mt.Airy Forest's arboretum. The plants and flowers all seemed to be dancing like peacocks to give us one last glimpse of their beauty before Fall. It was sticky hot , but I did get some shots :) Even snuck a few of a wedding photo session, Tee,Hee. The equipment they had  - WOW ! They had enough technology to build a space station right in the middle of Mount Airy ! Here are a few shots. My dress: TJMaxx, Hat: Covington, Shoes: vintage Bass oxfords.
My Muse, who will be debuting her modeling skills later this week !
Mother and Son
The daisies seemed to be grouping like little kids to get in the picture !
My ride awaits ;)


Vintage Vixen said...

What a lovely post, Reva! Everything from your outfit, the nature shots, the wedding, hubby and Mom no 2 are gorgeous. Very envious of your glorious weather, too. xxx

Lesa said...

I love the pic of Mom and son, she looks so happy to be there! The butterflies are way cool.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Loving the nature shots! You may want to note that those purple flowers are NOT daisies, they are Echinacea, aka purple coneflowers. In the daisy family. They're the famous cold stopping herb, by the way. Sorry I just had to plant-geek out on you!

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Reva,
I've decided that both you & Vix deserve to be winners of last week’s giveaway but as I only have one of the tops, I've decided to give that to you, as Vix mentioned in her comment that it might not fit her, so I’ll send her another top instead.
Please e-mail me your address & I'll pop your top in the post asap.

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