After reading a bunch of blogs over the weekend, I have realized I won't do anything for Fashion !
1. Dye my hair gray.
2. Inflate any part of my body that I deem too small.
3. Wear tights with Vericous Veins already drawn on them.
4. Wear socks over my 10 inch platforms.
5. Wear 10 inch platforms !

But sometimes it's all about the Shoes. Especially when I thrifted these lovlies from Nine West for $6 bucks!
Yes, I wobbled, twisted my ankle a few times and kicked them off as soon as I came through the door, but Boy did they look good ! I am a sucker for tall, sexy shoes even though I don't wear them well. In fact, they just aren't really comfortable. But, Boy did they look good !

Sorry, I couldn't stop snapping photos! That song about "when you get close, tie me to the bedpost" was
on the radio as I was getting ready to leave! My neighbors must love me!

UPDATE! The song is by eve six ! I love it !

Many Layers!

I usually have more to say, but was jammin' !

The Deets.

It's all about the Shoes!

( My niece does this in all her photos! )
I hope it's not something offensive!

The "Hood".

Hills and Snow.

Bye !

* Shoes : Nine West, thrifted.
* Trench Coat: Rena Rowan, clx.
* Sweater : Covington
* Leggings : ?
* Pashmina : Dots
* Gray dress : thrifted.
* Gray Cardi: Cherokee
* Belt : Banana Republic,thrifted.
* Beret : Jacklyn Smith 
* Earrings : Trader's World


Jadey said...

love the layers!

Oringina said...

I love all your fashion tips. Why not do some videos like on youtube im sure they would be a great hit !!!!!

gina said...

Great shoes and earrings. Love the layering here!!

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