When I think of Vintage, Cameos, Lockets, Old Table cloths, Lace and Florals come to mind. But vintage can really be anything originally old. If I kept track of everything truly Vintage I have, I'd need several battery packs to document it all !
Then there are Vintage Styles- new stuff that reminds me of times past. Bohemian style and Retro Hippy Style are also vintage inspired. Real gypsies have roamed the earth since time began. Picking up whatever piece of cloth they could find and creating a wardrobe out of it.

Today's mix-and-matchy styles remind me of a new generation of Bohemian Hippies. Stripes, Florals, Lace, Cameos, Loads of Beads, Layers- the list goes on ! The Hippy Movement of the Sixties was due to the stimuli of World Affairs. It seems that today's Economic Times are setting the fashion trends in motion once again!

Going Green, Re-working your wardrobe, DIY, Thrifting, and just plain old Creativity! A Wardrobe Revolution!


Bohemian Earring Styles.

A thrifted blouse, A Skirt clearanced from Old Navy,

My favorite Banana Republic boots and brown Hue tights.

Lots  of long Necklaces and a short wooden pendant with
Blue and Orange beads.
Plus, plastic brown chopsticks in my bun.

Trends we still see, minus the Sunnies!
And the tie-dye peace signs!
Although, bleach-splattered "stone" looks are floating
around the Spring trend predictions!

Free People Style.

Gold dangle earrings.

A Big , Wide Bracelet.

Runway Vintage Boho-Hippy Style.

The Maxi Dress.

The Tribal Tunic (minus the sunnies!)

The Short of it!

The Long of it.
The Belt Satchel.

The Top.

The Skirt.

Vintage Eclectic Styles.



(minus the raibow tie-dye.)
I imagine lots of beautiful sarongs !

And less dirt, more salty waters.

* Blouse: thrifted, originally LIZ.
* Skirt: Old Navy, clx.
* Tee: TJMaxx
* Tight: Hue
* Boots: Banana Republic, GAP Outlet
* Necklaces : A variety of thrifted, Penny's, World Mkt.
* Bracelet: Sears,clx.
* Ballywood Style earrings: Big Lots
(All photos contributed by Google free photos)


Kathryn said...

What a great photo essay on the history of a look. I really like the way you paired a long top with a short skirt. It looks great.

Oh, and I hope that in your future vision of you guys as an old couple minus the tie dye he decides to put on some pants. I was a little confused by what that guy was trying to do there.

RETRO REVA said...

I questioned this too, but I hope he's wearing something under there!!

Angelia... said...

Woman, those boots, oh my goodness, I loves them and am really feeling that long black skirt and since I am in a do me mood~ hee hee

Anonymous said...

hey reva! thanks for visiting my blog!

i was just checking yours's great! :)

i'm diggin this post a lot. i love hippie-boho style. can't get enough of it these days!

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