BEING STUCK UNDERNEATH SEVERAL FEET OF SNOW MAKES MY IMAGINATION SOAR! I dream of florals, skipping down the side walk, grabbing a Rose bud off my neighbors brand new bush, and twirling while looking into the sun! New hopes, lots of vitamin D, and the best: imagination!!

No more frozen hat hair!

Luckily. I snapped this outfit before the snows came.

I am finding that certain colors magically compliment others!
lovely jewel tones and light shades of leather.

Turqouise plays off of purple, and brown melds it all together.
and the matchy-matchy is no longer a big deal.
outfits are alot like art!

I was gonna add this vest and add cream knee-sox with boots.
But decided I liked to wear these newest thrifted flats.

The details of my big turquoise ring, and jewel toned bracelet I made.

These colors made me want to sleep in them, knowing that good karma would arrive the next morning!

That's a BIG turqouise ring!!!
(I got this ring at a flea-market in Florida for only $20.00)

I love these Cole Haan thrifted loafers.

I added a pair of Turquoise earrings and a necklace made of beads and jasper, known for it's healing qualities..

(The best testament to a successful outfit is how wonderful it makes you feel .When others do the "double-take" when you walk by and it makes you smile, That's a great outfit day!)

*MY OUTFIT: Purple T: calvin kleine, tjmaxx
*Turquoise T:   Say what?
*skirt: A.E., thrifted
Shoes: Cole Haan, thrifted
*dk. bottom T: ana, Penny's
*Purple tights: Basic Editions
*Cream short sleeve sweater: Old Navy
*Purple scarf: Dollar Tree
*Purple suede bag: Sears, clx.
*The Sunny Day: great luck!

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