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I am gonna be cutting this skirt off (probably) soon , so I wanted to get another wearing out of it. I paired it with a Pashmina and some cool accessories.

A simple black T , Belt , and
of course , my favorite boots , too !

This "Necklace" has a lovely story surrounding it.
Well , not really "lovely" but cool.
Actually sad , but meaningful.

I bought this at a Gothic store in Covington , KY, across the bridge from Cincinnati. It was hand-made and designed by a woman who's daughter was attacked and killed by a rapist many years ago. She started making these Secret Weapon Necklaces for women to carry around to keep them from harm. All proceeds from these Necklaces go to charity. It is legal size and is not considered a "concealed" weapon.
I paid alot for it at a time when I really couldn't afford it , but this Mother's love really touched me.

I found these tips on wearing pashminas :

How to wear pashmina

Pashmina shawls can be termed as ‘beauty with purpose’. These protect you from cold, and enhance your beauty too.
Let us see how you can have a celebrity look in Pashmina:
  • Pashmina shawls and scarves are versatile accessories. These can be draped in several styles. For example, drape your long Pashmina scarf in a loose knot similar to Lindsay Lohan. Ms. Lohan draped the long scarf behind her neck and tied a loose knot in the front for an utterly casual and chic look.
  • Jessica Alba loves to wear her scarf differently with different clothes, and she is successful in creating stunning looks for herself. Let us have a look at how Jessica creates different looks

    1. Wear a black tight tee shirt and flowing skirt in boho style. You can choose dark colors such purple or orange. Take a simple striped Pashmina scarf and simply wrap it around your neck, let the loose ends fall behind.
    2. If you are wearing a white or a light colored dress, spice it up by wearing a bright, multicolored scarf. Now, simply wear your scarf in the front, allowing the loose ends to fall behind.
    3. If it is winter, drape the shawl in circular pattern. Pin it up at the shoulders.
    4. Take one end of the scarf in front; let the other end go behind, after draping it around the neck. 
    5. In summer season just tie the Pashmina at the end of your handbag.Visit our Pashmina Catalog at


My favorite things about this Style are the lovely color,  Accessories, Sari's, and of course the Pashmina !

I pretty much like many kinds of styles .

I suppose that's the meaning of Eclectic . I don't wear cameos everyday , or trends . I usually wear whatever I feel like wearing , and I like to mix it up . I wore only black and white for over 8 years and alot of the time I would throw on P.J.'s after work . Maybe that's why I don't like to get stuck on anything in particular. I do lean towards Bohemian Styles or Vintage Styles , but am open to so many trends. My husband helped me name my blog , and he said I could take a rag and make a rose out of it . I love him for that ! I wanted to name it just Rags2Roses , but it was taken by a plant store . Go figure . 

 I started shopping at thrift stores around the mid 80's ( I Know ! ) and remember buying a simple deep red "old" lady dress that had a vintage pin on it . My first thrift . I threw on a pair of boots - the kind that looked like Elf boots - and attatched the pin to the front flap of a camping style hat . My best friend loved it and I was hooked. I could dress better and use my imagination for a couple bucks. Those days are long gone , but the thrill of a good find at a thrift store still makes my heart flutter ! And, the fun of wearing all kinds of styles and trying out new ones still makes me happy . I hope I never get "stuck" in a particular style and my imagination continues to be fueled by changing trends and cool bloggers !

Just some rambling !


Kathryn said...

Reva, Can you tell me how you stretched your blog? You can post here or e-mail (

I love the super boho thing you have going on here. I wish I could wear a cool stealth knife like that, but I'd probably lose my job- darn public schools!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

That scarf matches your pretty skirt perfectly. I love this blue & green color combo :)

gina said...

Love this style on you!

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