I love taking photos . Always have !  I've always had a camera , including every kind of Camera I can think of.  Remember the Kodak that held a Big film pack inside - you would shoot , pull out the photo , wait for 60 seconds , peeled off the backing ( gently ) and there was a square 4x4 color Photo !  Then of course , the Polaroids , the self-loading "automatic" ones that only fit a 200 size film roll ?  Then the kind you "hooked " the film strip to and had to wait over a week for your photos ?  My favorite was a 35 mm Nikon , which I always bought Black and White film for .  There were No editing tools other than your imagination ! 

Now , I rarely see a Real printed  photograph !  Most photos live in the dark , inside a computer . My old computer has so many photos still in it !  I miss the anticipation of picking up film and having 3 whole photos turn out well !  But , I also Love the idea of snapping away , no longer worried about getting that One Good Shot .  Now , my "real" camera seems like too much trouble to lug around sometimes !  I like the idea of editing my shots . I suppose everything has an Upside and a Downside .  Am I really wearing Purple and Gray today ?  YEP.................

It was soooo windy !  My tri - pod  fell over twice !  Luckily the cheapo was on it at the time , and only got scratched a little bit !

I bought 2 of these tunics last year , when I was into buying 2 of the things I liked and fit well . ( And usually in a neutral color ). I added a T-shirt dress underneath for length , and tied a scarf around my waist . The leg-warmers are my newest addition to my accessory drawer . Over purple tights and a Grape beret I felt cozy and not too hookerish ;) - Brown shoes for contrast , and a Bright purple round scarf gave me my dose of Brightness . Small  Amethyst earrings felt right as not to get hung in my scarf !

I think I will devote my weekend to snapping up some creativity !

Happy Friday !

( See all the Wind ?! )

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My Life Is A Mess said...

I wish I had a polaroid.I love it!We do have many common things!I like photography so much too.And as I can see you have an obsession with skirts which I love!

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