MIXING FLORALS with a touch of Romance

Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

February seems to send me mixed messages.
1. Romance and lace with a lot of chocolate, or....
2. Really big, bulky sweaters.
February is truly an enigma !
Maybe some hot chocolate?

I've had this short sleeve floral dress since the early 90's. 
I love the print, so of course I tucked it away!

One day I thought of layering a small floral print underneath.

I added a shawl around my waist and pinned it with a big safety pin Heart brooch.
With my dangling pink heart and flower earrings.

A pop of Red lips and of course my fav. boots.
All done!

Do you wear the traditional RED outfit on St. Valentine's Day?
Jump out of the heart-shaped box?
My outfit:
*Dress: Vintage Rose, early 90's.
*Blouse: Old Navy, on clearance, really cheap.
*Scarf: K-mart 3 yrs. old on clx.
*Earrings: Arizona, JC penny.
*Boots: Banana Republic
* Pin: thrifted
*Red lipstick with blue tones: Wet Slicks.

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