ICE SKATER TIGHTS on a snowy day

Nothing to do but goof off ! Snow days are play days and comfy outfit days. I promise to get back to some more trendy outfits, but today calls for hot chocolate and silly tights ! Maybe a movie fest or a Buffy fest !

My hanging out attire consists of one part Knit or Wool and one part T-shirt dresses. Or are they called jersey knit?

At least it's not a bunny suit! (although a Snow-bunny suit would be nice !)

If I were going out, I'd at least put on a black belt !
I did throw on my black key pendant and purple scarf.
Also my earring are silver keys. I feel naked without earrings!

Sorry bout the crotch-shot, but these tights have old-fashioned little Ice Skaters on them.

These thrifted shoes by BORN are one of my favorite comfy go-tos.

I almost went ice-fishing today- NOT!

Instead I think a movie day best suits me!!!

In honor of my purple scarf, a re-do shot from 2 posts back. I am mesmerized  by this photo!


(Me after shoveling the drive-way!)
Cocoa, thermals and fuzzy booties!

* Dress: Kohl's
* Tights: K-mart
* Pendant: Dots
* Key Earrings: Jewelry Outlet
* Shoes: BORN, thrifted
* Scarf: Dollar Tree
* Black long sleeve T: Energy

1 comment:

gina said...

LOVE the tights. Pretty key necklace. Cheers to a Buffy fest!

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