A Desperate Housewife !

" You damn kids get out of my yard ! "
OK, I'm in the thick of it now. I'm taking a break from clearing out my "playroom" (YIKES) and am running on pure caffeine, sugar and creativity. I wish I was Sabrina the Witch. Dinkle, Dinkle, (that's the sound my nose would make) , and Poof !!! Clutter be gone :) I want to hurry the clearing part so I can get to the fun stuff of decorating. Patience, Grasshopper........
I am gonna eat a real meal sometime tonight, I promise. This is my version of how I'd look as a 50's (ish) housewife. I couldn't find any pointy-toed pumps, so Banana Republic knock-off vintage 70's will have to do. I am documenting said "project". Then you will really see how nuts I am ;) So now for your viewing enjoyment, More images :)  I gotta go!................
The last one is how I'd really wear this get-up :)...... I think.............
It's a skirt over a fitted dress, belted with a vintage scarf.
Dress: thrifted - Skirt: Merona,thrifted - Scarf as belt: Vintage - Bracelets: Vintage - Sunnies: Vintage - Earrings: Big Lots ;)
A big thanks to Kathryn, for helping me find my waist and create one as well :)
Can you believe they still sell candy cigarettes ??? Me neither ! Got these at Walgreen's.
Boo, World Confections, Inc !!! I used to buy these as a kid in the 70's and felt so cool. When u blew on them a puff of "smoke" (sugar dust) came out.
 Just another way big tobacco got me.( Excuse ;) I bet RJReynold's owns this company as well ...................
Yay to Hershey's ;)
Technically, it's now Thursday, so happy belated Hump Day :)
(Hi, Honey ! Have a great day <3)


Vintage Vixen said...

Thanks for the Milk Dud info, Reva. I did try Hersey's chocolate once when a friend bought some back from the States but it wasn't those, were they called "kisses"?
Great outfit, very 1950's but much better because you didn't wear pointy shoes! Love the print of the dress.
Hope your single week is going well and yes to an interview, it would be an honour.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Reva,
I always check out your photos on weardrobe, so I thought today I'll come by here and say hi. Hope you're having a fabulous week.

I'd love to keep in touch and maybe even become bloggy-friends.

Love from Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

Aaargh--now I have to go get a box of candy smokes at Walgreens. Sounds like we are fellow smokers. :)

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