Lookie What We Found

Hi, Everybody ! I got this *top at Penny's during a shopping trip with my Mom. This is one of the "I need to get my money's worth" buys, though I love the huge billowy bottom, the top is very Junior looking. I also got one in blue/white stripes ;) I actually fell hard for it, but now, blah. it's OK. The pockets aren't really pockets, but part of the 2 or 3 yards of fabric that make up the top :) It was really cheap, so that's something ;) Plus, it's fun to play with !
The shoes are another story. Love em' ! 2 bucks, brand new, thrifted. Gotta love that ;)
And while on a Geo-caching , hiking trip last night, lookie what we found :) This baby was at a picnic area, all lost and thrirsty. He has a collar on, and we just couldn't leave him to get run over or mauled by critters, so he is living with us for a little while. Someone from Craig's list already wants him.
Karma strikes again :)
He is so precious, but we are trying not to get too attatched. Bitty doesn't play well (or at all) with others :(
Hubs has named him Angellis, while I call him Monkey ;)


Lady Cardigan said...

Aww adorable kitty. I'm glad you saved him. Your outfit is really cute with the red scarf and sunglasses. You seriously should be a professional stylist.

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Oh Reva, I am coveting those shoes. Please send them to me ASAP! The kitty is so cute, and I'm glad to know you're a geocacher. I myself have never been but I do dabble in letterboxing.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You're a hero for saving the kitten - I certainly could not turn my back on a lost animal and I'm so glad you've found a home for it:). I love your top - anything with pockets is "sold" as far as I'm concerned! xo

Vintage Vixen said...

Georgeous top, amazing shoes but I'm afraid the kitty is stealing the show. What a beauty, Reva. I don't think I could bare to part with the little mite! xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the roominess of this top...and I realized I haven't been into a Penney's in years, although there's an outlet store nearby. I think you've planted a seed...

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