Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff !!!

During my Clear-A-Thon, I have finally realized :
How many outfits can one person really wear anyways ? I am admittedly a victim of  merchandisers who tell me what's "in" and what's not. Even in blogdonia where Mainstream marketing tries really hard to commercialize, but usually ( or sometimes ) fails at telling us who we should be and who we should be wearing. ( I don't want to wear a person - too heavy ), Is pointing me towards buying stuff that is 'Of the Moment'. And I do mean Moment. I have stuff I bought this summer, that will not be worn. It's already "out" by blogdonian standards. Like the 2 pairs of vintage suede Bass oxfords I would have to skip a meal for, or the super short wide elastic waist floral skirts everyone was wearing this past Spring, with tights, bought at Forever Dot's Trendz & Co, or something like that ;)  < See above photo's >

SO I VOW, the month of September, I will be wearing one of two looks:
1. Stuff I need to get at least one more good wearing out of , Or.......
2. Stuff I really like to wear and probably thrifted really cheap.

What I learned this summer ?  
1. If it's on clearance in a cheapie store, don't buy it unless u really like it. There's a reason it's there ;)
2. My personal style is unique and I don't need to be part of a herd.
3. If I like it, fine. If someone else likes it, fine too :)
4. I don't need to follow every trend that comes my way. I can choose to opt out. I will survive w/o ripped  tights , etc.......
5. It's OK to covet sky-high heels, but buy cheapos, as I don't get tons of wear out of them. ( Unless thrifted ;)
6. I don't have to wear someone else's style. I can take bits and pieces and make them my own.
Success ! I'm never too old to re-learn stuff :)
*I will try to remember to tag which items are most "Me" and which I want to get my money's worth ;)*
Here's to the beginning of a new season !
This outfit is a mixture of both. The *skirt is one I need to get my money's worth, while the *scarf is one I have worn lots of times, and is a favorite .
The *boots were an impulse buy, so we'll see :) - They were thrifted.
I have been finding all kinds of stuff I forgot I even had ! I used to wear this scarf as a way to battle the dress code of all black and white at my last job ;)
I hate dress codes !

I also wear this scarf around my waist.
I am still clearing out my crap, so who knows what else I'll run across :)
By the By, I am covered with chigger bites from the squat poses. Anything for a good shot , Weardrobe! )
Speaking of which :
WW#40 Update ! ..... This sucks ! Still Nada !!!!
Gorilla Warfare didn't work. " I don't really care " isn't working. Any ideas ??? I'm at a loss.........
I suppose I'll keep up my Zen practice of  patience.
" There is an important difference in giving up and letting go." Jessica Hatchigan
( That's the Zeniest quote I could find ;)


Vintage Vixen said...

Great philosophy, Reva. You should get that laminated and stick it is your purse, great way to resist the temptations of the mall.
Looking gorgeous today, red suits you perfectly. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Reva I LOVE your list! I'm sitting here reading it, nodding and going yeah, aha, mmhmm, oh yeah:).
Oh and I need to see more of those boots!! xo

SomeoneLikeYou said...

I couldn't agree more with your list!
Hmm... your list should really be something I try to adopt to my own wardrobe...

I really like you skirt, and who gives a crap if it's "so last season!" I say, If it's cute: it's cute so just wear it :)

Helga! said...

Hey hey,looking soooo cute!
I'm on a bender of alterations to existing frocks I don't wear much and frocks I've bought that were thrown in a box to be fixed/altered! I decided to try and be good and save a bit of dosh.Now most of my favourite thrift stores are up for demolition-AAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!
Keep bashing at Weardrobe.Feckers.I must try again too.

Kel Ward Photography said...

I love this outfit and the red boots are adorable! Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

The shopping tips are great. I've been following fashion blogs just since April and I find myself being drawn in just as you describe.

The scarf/shawl is a keeper!

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