"I Die ! "

I just finished watching Rachel Zoe, and though this is not a couture outfit, the Cincy heat is relentless. This is another chopped up T. I hated to chop off the image on the front, so I kinda made a "vestish" that would be perfect for a swimsuit cover. So, I am beachy today :) - Speaking of Zoe, she has my  top 2 dream jobs. Playing with clothes, designing them and traveling all over the world while doing it. The only thing missing would be if I could photograph the outfits as well ;) Tonight she was in England, then the Milan fashion week And hanging with the bohemian Kate Hudson. Ahh, dreamin' ..........
Though I don't "die" over cool stuff, but do think certain things are definitely "Banana's" .
I didn't get much sleep last night ( Hi, Honey! ) and just finished off a box of Milk duds. My "plan" will officially launch tomorrow.
These were 9 bucks :)
Shoes: WPlace - Bracelet: Old - Beads: Various - Bag: Thrifted - Skirt: Thrifted - Beret: F21.
This is the kind of stuff I have been thrifting lately . It was 99 cent day as well :)
Peace, Love and Beaches !
Oh, Yeah, and Banana's :)


Vintage Vixen said...

Loving the creation and again I'm liking that fab turquoise shade on you. Very envious of your heat, we've got the sunshine back again today and it's going to reach the low twenties so I'm playing in the garden today.
What on earth are "Milk Duds"? xxx

Bonnie said...

Love what you did with the t-shirt and so loving your bracelet. Great styling, I'm sure Rachel Zoe would be proud of you! I saw that episode last nite and totally loved all that jet setting. Can't remember the last time I had milk duds!


bellisimama said...

adorable! i love cutting up clothes and making them new again. i love your previous post with the yellow embroidered blouse, too. you are lovely!
thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me on my blog. i'm trying to get better about not being the silent observer when i read others blogs, but with two kids climbing on me, sometimes my hands get tied up.

Anonymous said...

I like the jewelry and chopped T, great deals and look ideas. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Love your skirt!


Anonymous said...

the color combination in this outfit is very well done.

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