One More Go-Round

I watched my guilty pleasure, ANTM, and it's so weird to see how far the models have changed since I first started watching the show. Bumbling, nervous and not a clue on how to model .( Plus tons of drama ). Tips on how to walk without falling down and so on.  Now, this episode was a full-blown fashion show, on a catwalk four stories above a crowd wearing Diane Von Furstenburg and the prize is now the cover of French Vogue ! (or was it Italian Vogue?) Well, anyhoo, you see my point. I usually kind of think of a "title" for my blog posts. ( This one was about changes ). But mostly about the changes that I have seen in Blogdonia and within myself since starting a blog. I wouldn't have worn my staple long black skirts last fall, but now I feel comfortable showing my personal likes. I probably would have worn a version of someone else back then, bumbling, nervous and learning to walk without falling down. Growth .........  Pretty cool :)
Necklace as a bracelet, Boho choker and a thrifted belt. What a big buckle you have ;)
One last go round for the Glads.
This belt just needs to be held !
And the skirt just needs to flow ;)
I'm not sure what these seed-like things are ? Kinda icky, but neat :)
I couldn't resist.


Weesha said...

beautifully boho chic, love love this look! cute kitty too hehe

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm envying your black skirt, Reva! I haven't worn one in years and I'd forgotten how versatile and sophisticated they look. Great post, your weather looks much better than our gloom and torrential rain. xxx

Diane Costanza said...

I just found your blog. Love your style. I'm a boho lover as well.


Anonymous said...

It's crazy to see this skirt--I've been thinking of one just like it and how I NEED one--in some leotard brand to achieve the flow!

I love the necklace as a bracelet. And I notice that Ralph Lauren is working those big belt buckles for spring--influenced by Reva no doubt.

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