Incognito !

So, Whadda Ya think ? A red-head ? I love it !!!
Well, actually it's a Halloween wig I found during my clear-a-thon. And it cost 6 bucks. Though, honestly, the color and the width of the wig make my face fuller and my skin tone brighter. Hmm..... I did have a bob last spring (my hair grows super fast), but my hubs says it is shaped like a football helmut. What does he know about fashion anyway ? The outfit is real, however. I bought a slew of cropped cargo's a while back, but lost weight, so they lay in wait (weight?), til now. Cargo's and wide legs are a fall trend, so luckily these are a two-fer ;) Though the "trend" is a slim cargo this fall (marketing strategy?), I like the way these hang on me :) ~ Plus, they are a faded green shade. So, there's they why. The belt is a DIY made with a wallet slid through the belt. Handy as a shirt pocket ;) And finally, I love this jacket, though a couple sizes too small is the perfect little Girl-friend jacket, as long as I don't need to button it ;)
By th By, Do you ever wish you could be someone else for a day ?
 I friggin' LOVE Halloween ! Sorry, guys, but even more than Christmas :)
1. You get to dress up in cool costumes and be anything you want for a night ~
2. You get to see the cutest little kids in the world, but only for a few seconds ~
3. You get to fill them up with tons of sugar and chocolate, then send them home  ~
4. You get to fill yourself up with tons of sugar and chocolate, and stay home ~
5. Caramel Apples with Nuts ~
6. Horror Movie Marathons ~
7. And finally, it's OK to scare the shit out of little kids without repercussion ~
 Mwa, Ha, Ha !!!!

Scarf/Sarong: World Mkt. ~ Beads: Penny's,clx.
Pants:TJMaxx ~ Jacket:Goodwill ~ Shoes: Penny's
Wig: Walgreen's ~ Sunnies: Vintage, thrifted


Vintage Vixen said...

LOVING that wig on you, Reva! The wallet on the belt is genius, too.
We don't do Hallow'een, our house is far too scary at night to get callers, thanks heavens, so we get to scoff all the sweets ourselves. xxx

Bonnie said...

Hi Reva, I think you look GREAT as a redhead. Halloween is a fun holiday altho as a kid I always had to be a witch when I really wanted to be a princess!


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, my mannikin has a red wig. Maybe I should do a shoot with it...

gina said...

Love this outfit! So sophisticated.

The wig is a cute hair shape for you.

Those are all good reasons to enjoy Halloween. I'm looking forward to giving out candy this year. First time in quite a while that I'll be in a house (not an apt) where I can get trick-or-treaters.

Lesa said...

I always wanted to be a red head, tried to dye it numerous times, it doesn't "take" on my hair. Maybe a wig should be my option.

If you are a Mother or a Teacher Halloween is a living hell.

1.Costume selection-very important in their little lives and more important when they get older, invited to a party and you don't want your kid going out looking like a hooker.

2. In the teaching word the longest days of the year include: first day of school, day before Holiday Break, the last day of school, AND the day after Halloween-their backpacks are jammed with candy, they have already had some for breakfast, and they willl sneak it in your class, leaving you with a pile of candy wrappers and Now and Laters stuck to the Desks.....

Kel Ward Photography said...

Love the wig! I have one, but don't wear it nearly enough. The color is GREAT on you (I think it's close to the color my hair is dyed right now, lol)! To answer your question about printing your photos at home...I don't know anything about home printers, but my guess would be a combination of paper, inks, and lack of calibration. You could always try a few labs to see which you like best.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Know what? You're rockin' in red girl - I think you need to be a redhead, at least for a few weeks. I tried it earlier this year and loved it! xo

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