Granny Chic Layers

I feel kinda Granny Chic in this outfit, but honestly, I really dig it :) It's a strapless cotton tunic over a skirt with my favorite cardi over it. This isn't a "get my money's worth" outfit, just a comfy alternative to sweats. Since my adventures in Blogdonia, this length seems really long ;)  The shoes, however are kick-ass, as Granny shoes go. I popped on my vintage green sunnies and a seventies flower brooch for good measure. I think that upped the cool factor a bit. All the style mags., or at least the 15 or so I checked out of the library, says lower heels are back. Woo-hoo. Could this be a marketing strategy perhaps ???
( Kick-ass shoes : ) Kind of a 70's vibe, but with kitten heels. Thrifted, of course :)
And sadly, little Monkey will be going to a new home tomorrow. There is nothing more precious and funny than a kitten !
He has been so much fun to watch and play with. And always in motion :)
Next week I am gonna pass on some of my tips on this fall's trends on the cheap. And I know cheap ;)
Bye, Monkey...................

And in Remembrance, September 11, 2001
The day time stood still. I bet no one will ever forget where or what you were doing on this day, at this time.
My Mom called me and said, "Go to the T.V." I watched in horror for days.
Peace to you all today.


Anonymous said...

I love this look...the layered skirts and especially the shoes. Now that pin...reminds me of one I once had.

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog, and I'm enjoying all your zany poses and funky outfits. You sure look like you're having fun!!

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