It's funny how a simple stick can enrapture such a simple mind ;) Just kidding ! We watched  "The Virgin Spring ", an Ingmar Bergman film , ( Made in 1960, Best Foreign Film ).  Now I will have deep thoughts all weekend . Geesh ......... If you like his work, it's worth the effort.
My outfit however was a simple feat with these thrifted shoes as the focus. I nearly passed em' by, but the worn patina caught my eye just right. I wonder who made the wonderful scuff marks on the toes ..... I usually can't pass up Italian leather no matter how worn they are. ( Boemos, Hand made.)  And so comfy :) The dress is another hack job. I love to run with scissors! I'm feeling a little worn myself now. Have a great weekend !


Vintage Vixen said...

That's a glorious colour on you, Reva. Loving the cheeky socks and buckled shoes, too. xxx

Anonymous said...

Lately, I've been studying this over-dress thing. I'm thinking mine when I find it will have to be sheer.

I see what you saw in those shoes.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Love the knee socks!
I've been really into wearing knee socks lately, too!

Oh, and the scarf tied into your hair 1940's style looks marvelous! How in the world do you do it?! Whenever I try, the scarf ends up looking like a huge lump on top of my head...haha.

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