A Thrifty Fall Style Guide

Happy New Week, Everybody !
I know you've seen a zillion look-books by now, so I am adding mine to the pile :)
Here are some really cool and fun images to get us all ready and fired up for the Fall Trend season. Pretty much anything goes, and everything can be created on the cheap, with a little imagination ! These photos are of "trends" as well as pure inspiration. Though I have learned that trends go so quickly, and not all trends are for me,  there are some that you can re-create on a budget.  Enjoy :)
This year, first I am gonna shop my closet before buying anything !
To stay "Trendy" for the fall season, Plaids and huge cowl scarves are showing up all over the place. Since trends come and go at light-speed, it's much more economical to buy accessories.  Hint: Cut off the cowl of an old sweater. I am also making scarves out of old pajama pants. Perfect length ;)
It's always nice to have the transitional cardi. Not too thick, not too thin. Try cutting the sleeves off one you already have instead :) 
This will also work with jackets. Don't mind the frayed ends, they add character ;)
Pop on a belt, and WA-LA !
Military colors , Army green and fitted jackets with rugged boots. I really like this outfit with the doubled socks and brown chunkies. I am also seeing a lot of lighter blue jackets.  Hint: To update an old jacket, add new buttons.
I've already thrifted a dark green shirt for Fall. That's all I will need :) Is dark green the new black this year ?
And Bohemian isn't going anywhere! ( Though that's really an oxymoron, huh? )  A Fitted jacket, Over-sized chunky sweater, especially in green, paired with really long, flowy skirts will send you straight into winter, no problem :) I bet you already have these items in your closet ! This fall, I am definitely shopping my closet first ;) Headbands and Turbans r  rockin!  Use any and all kinds of fabrics.  It's all good ;)  Aren't these pants awesome ?
NOT !!!
Go nuts !!!
From colorful suede to chunky clogs and flat, scuffed boots. It's all working :)
And just as everyone is getting rid of their kitten heels, I will be scooping them up. Ha!
( Don't forget to double up some socks with em' for a fresh take.)
Don't forget, shop your closet ! Check out all the looks from one little black dress ;)
I went to the library for ideas as well as looking on DIY sites for cool stuff to make from what I already have.
Get out those scissors, glue guns and let your mind wander. You'll be amazed at how creative you are !
A bib necklace with brooches pinned on. How cool is that ?
From kinda tough looking to pretty easy.
It seems that accessory trends are all over the place, from simple to crazed DIY embellished stuff. 
And Rosettes, Rosettes, Rosettes ! ( now it doesn't look like a real word .) Plus feathers and faux fur ~
I am really flippin' for this one ! It's on my "To Create" list for sure ;)
You could rearrange the brooches any way you like.
This headband is on the lovely Kasmira ! How cool !!!
And don't pitch out those pointy-toed flats or long beads just yet ;) ~ Unless you live near my Goodwill ~
I LOVE these ideas. Test-tube necklaces and images on tin. Just get some Modge-Podge and a hole-punch :)
Pretty much all of these looks can be thrifted ;)
But, you all know where my heart lies ............
Vintage and.......
A little Indie, A lot Bohemian, and always Eclectic ;)
And Very Thrifty ;)
Here's to Creative Transitions !
( All images were found on Goggle free image sites, DIY.net, Vogue free stock images, Speigel/Newport News, Free People, Anna Sui, Button Headband: WhatIWore2Day. )


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Oh Reva, there is so much loveliness here I do not even know where to start.

Kasmira said...

Thanks for the shout out! That headband is so lovely.. but it kind of hurts my head. :o Oh well, beauty hurts, right?

Vintage Vixen said...

Kathryn's right, there's so much I want I wouldn't know where to start. How can you be so cruel, Reva? xxx

Anonymous said...

the "rag" bag and the button necklace are my favorites!

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