IT Came!!!

One of my fav. magazines came Sat.-I only get one now,although I love many--except the overly wordy ones. I want to see cool outfits and beauty tricks!  As I'm paroosing the ads I see lots of garter belts. Then I
think about how much I love them. I own old & new ones, neglegees, old-fashion slips, of all I love! My neice -24 yrs. my younger- owns none of these items. My style is  truly eclectic---from ripped jeans,floor-
length skirts, minis, t's, ruffles and floral skirts. Everything that comes around has been around before. I
love the trend of thrifting, although I've been thrifting for many years! I just hope Newbie thrifters save
me some goodies. I have learned to keep well -made garments as they WILL be back again!

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