TIPS FOR THE MODERN HOSTESS; * ENJOY!  relax! you don't have to be perfect. the primary reason for this series is to enjoy hostessing in comfort. thus, comfy ,cute clothes!  *THINK AHEAD, it only takes a moment, and a quick list.  my list: PLENTY OF T.P., AIR FRESHENER IN THE RESTROOM, OR MATCHES(THE OLD SKOOL WAY!), HAND SANITIZER(NO FLU FOR ME ,THANX!), X-TRA GUEST TOWELS. thats the bathroom tips. tomorrow, other room tips!

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Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Good idea, its super important to plan ahead in order for things to turn out as planned... I love planning ahead, and I love making lists! jejeje just a geeky thing of mine. You look so cute in the apron btw!

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