I was at w-mart(which i usually avoid-politically and crowd-wise), yesterday, but couldn't avoid looking through the clx. racks, when i came a scarf of beauty. I was really looking for a burgundy one like Strawberry Kittens, and saw this Max Azaria scarf for 10 $. It was pricey for my usual bargain buys, but it lulled me in -(and Designer!-AT WAL-MART!), so i splurged. I felt dirty---but saw a t for 5$ that matched perfectly, and earrings for 3.  Now, all i really NEEDED was burner covers and pans for my stove, as i had a minor kitchen fire a few weeks back, but thats for another day!---So her's my dirty little secret, the tramp! The t says "FIND A PLACE IN THE SUN", which is another addiction---T's with inspirational words or rock groups of the past, which i am learning to say NO to (eventually).

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Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Well you did a good choice because they all look great on u!! I specially love the pattern in the scarf, so feminine and lady-like!

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