Rainy days allow me to wear my really fun hats! This one i found at TJ Maxx for 3-4 bucks
 and i bought another one in another combo of colors! My hair is very thin, and i deal with
hat head alot-----Also, as your hair ages it is more delicate and thins even more. *TIP:
TO AVOID HAT-HAIR: pin the scalp-crown hair up underneath the hat-when u remove
the hat,remove the pins, and finger comb the roots.(no one will know when your hat is
on.) you are just "lifting" the roots. TO AVOID THINNING FROM WEARING HATS;
let your roots breathe and get sunshine on them. this is a two-sided sword, as i also dye
my hair,but I'd rather deal with fade than no hair!!!       HAT; LIZ CLAIBORNE

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