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I've started my brand new blog,thanks to my love of fashion and sharing. However,as i try new styles, i wonder--- am i loosing my own sense of me?---i'm adventurous, well seasoned, know what i like, what fits and looks best on me(pretty much), so why do i feel a bit lost?  I ask myself often "am i too old to wear this"?  The REAL me always says NO!---then I fear, am i the vericous-veined overdyed daisy duke lady??????  THEN i see Demi Moore on T.V.  BUT, the Susan Sarandon in me says, do wht you dig, Baby! SO, HERE GOES-----THIS IS ME! ----MIXED UP,CONFIDENT,TRENDY,SCREW-U I'LL WEAR WHAT I LIKE,RETRO-VINTAGE-HIPPY,WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH AGEISM ,WOMAN ON A MISSION. O.K., i feel much better now.               
skirt as dress

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Marie McGrath said...

I totally agree! Its important to dress how u like and whatever makes you happy. Trying differnet things doesnt mean u have lost your sense of style, it just means you a broader one!

PS: Love that u used a skirt as a dress! I'll have to try that sometime!

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