While lounging about, watching ANTM  reruns, Tyra "deleted" a contestant for looking  "too mature". She said that  fashion is obsessed with youth.  I can't tell u how many times i edit my photos, take 100's of shots to get the BEST one. I loose my desire to stage my fashion, and worry how I will look in the photo. I'M BUYING what i am trying to de-bunk!!!!!!!!!!  FASHION IS NOT FOR THE YOUNG. IT IS FOR ALL WOMEN WHO LOVE THE ARTISTRY OF FASHION. THE BEAUTY OF A PRINT IN A SKIRT, THE CREATIVITY OF PAIRING DIFFERENT TEXTURES AND COLORS. BEAUTY IS NOT ONLY FOUND IN THE BLOOMS OF SPRING, BUT IN THE DYNAMIC COLORS OF AUTUMN.  Trying to look our best is natural, i believe, but beauty isn't only "skin" deep!       *reva*

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Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I totally agree! Fashion goes across all ages and all types of people :)

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