This purse was thrifted on a spree with my Mom for 50 cents. Mom calls it "junking". I call it Ka-ching! This scarf I call MY LITTLE VIXEN as I pd. 10$ for it at half price. It may be evil? When I wear simple pieces, I try to add a pop of texture or color. This purse is corduoroy , velvet and some kind of upholstry material quilted all together. I'm usually the one who adds an accessory before going out, instead of removing one. Taking photos of myself has helped me to  realize how I really look sometimes. It seems the looks I think are great, are usually not as flattering as I thought. Simple seems to suit me better. *I'm also learning that less is more as I age, including make-up.

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Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

The scarf really makes the outfit so feminine and lovely.

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