The weather in my city has been so unseasonably warm! Gives me a chance
to wear overlooked summer things. Even though I am over 40, I am still a little
girl inside.! p.s. YAH! BENGALS!---i am feeling like a ballerina in this outfit.
I got these Candies sequined/ribboned flats at TJ Maxx a couple years ago.
I edited them(took off a big white flower on the sides). They only cost 3 bucks!
I also got a turquoise pair. The scarf worked just fine as a belt, and matched
perfectly. My earrings are cool,too, but forgot to take a closeup. A younger

woman might go w/o the tights,but tights are my best friend. Turtle necks are too!

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Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

u do look sorda like a ballerina! very cute items! I love wearing summer things into fall, it really makes my wardrobe seem much bigger and with more possibilities.

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